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  • Nugent - Don't want to participate online or buy DLC? Tough luck, Ubisoft will harass you until you do (or stop playing)

    This is actually a fun game. Scoring is not really that important to have fun with it, unlike DDR you can't fail a song. But if it is important to you and you have kids, yes the camera has trouble tracking the kids (works fine for adults). if you are really concerned about scoring, reposition your camera and make sure you have good lighting, or get a Move controller. There are some good routines and a decent amount of variety in the playlist. All in all its a Just Dance game consistent with other Just Dance games with similar features.

  • Wilfredo Carrasquillo - Great product

    I have been using Peachtree since 2005. This upgrade is very nice because you can maintain open more than one company. Also the price is a bargain considering that the 2012 update cost more than $200

  • InfoFish - Love the company, love the products, Nails stronger after a week, BUT I don't like the taste of these gummies

    LOVE the effect these extra nutrients are having on my very weak, sad nails. One week in and they feel stronger and they are not splitting. I never get to have the kind of nails that grow up over the tops of my fingers, so it is a lot of fun being able to scratch myself and rip things open. I love that! I really, really like the Vitafusion brand. I try almost all of their products and have been totally thrilled by them.

  • mr_bunghole - Offers the best of everything

    Being the chronologically backwards guy I am, I listened to Mezzanine before I listened to this, and I loved every single song on it. In my collection of about 100 albums, Mezzanine would easily rank in the top 10, possibly top 5. It was the single most immaculately produced CD I have ever heard, the vocal performances were out of this world, and the songs were great too. Massive's debut 'Blue Lines' also features the great vocals and wonderful genre-twisting, moody, soulful songs of its latest album, but being 7 years behind Mezzanine, it isn't quite as perfect in the production department. Not that this is a complaint - when the music is this original, melodic and milk chocolatey smooth, the CD isn't dependent on superior production. The music contains the raw emotion of retro-70's soul, the mellow quality of reggae, and the strong beats and vocal exchanges of hiphop, all melded into one seamless, natural, unique sound. The album, only 9 songs long, has created its own genre of "trip-hop", which is a commendable achievement. My only complaints - the title track doesn't quite grab my attention, and the repetitive beats and bass line of track 8 'Lately' just sounds kinda cheesy to me. Still, 7 of the 9 songs are works of art. Standouts include the strong opener 'Safe From Harm', the R&B influenced 'Be Thankful For What You Got', the strings-drenched 'Unfinished Sympathy', as well as the Horace Andy-led 'One Love' and the profound 'Hymn Of The Big Wheel'. But best of all is what is possibly the mellowest hip-hop song ever written in 'Five Man Army'. The vocal exchanges are superb, and Daddy G is always a treat for the ears. The flow of this song is unmatched by artists that are strictly hip-hop. And there is no vocalist quite like Horace. Believe everything you've heard about this album - it is truly a work of art (save for 2 tracks). This is Massive's crowning achievement, if only because its their debut, and deserves a spot in everybody's music library. If you don't like this, you don't like music.

  • tyler - Check your expectations

    PlayStation VR is an awesome accessory for the PS4 and makes me excited for the future of gaming. The reason why I say check your expectations is that your not going to get the big time AAA experiences or games like witches 3 or uncharted for VR. Your still going to primarily be playing using a tv. If your excited about VR and own a playstation, this is definitely worth the money.