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  • Thetaguy - Best Chromebook for the Money

    This Chromebook is my new go-to for casual computing. Watching TV (casting to my Chromecast) I can watch a show and easily cruise the Internet if I like, much easier than with a tablet.

  • Amazon Customer - Cheap not lasting color 😁

    I bought this hair dye followed the instructions to a tee bleached my hair to make sure it was lightened as instructed and put the color in it was vibrant for the first 3 days then imediately faded after that color only lasted maybe 5 washes the purple color then after that faded to a light light pink now its all splotchy and gone. Don't waste your money

  • Lucia Gomez - Disappointment. Faulty guide.

    After 3 months of use. The guide is broken. I might've received a faulty reel but it seems Quality control might not be the best. Definitely not made to last. Disappointed .

  • jzito - Great Improvement

    What a great improvement upon the age old and boring witch hazel options. This formulation adds an aspect to the product that makes it actually desirable to use.

  • Andie Taylor - Great for a basic everyday shampoo

    Great basic shampoo. This is a good everyday shampoo. My hair looks shiny even when I forgot or run out of conditioner. With conditioner it looks excellent. It's not going to repair any damages but your hair will look a bit healthier.


    I was a very skeptical customer at the time before I purchased the Super Colon Cleanse. Like most people, I read both positive and negative reviews of the product. The negative reviews I read such as: a waste of money, didn't work for me, a waste of my time, etc.... The positive reviews said something completely different such as: be careful, watch the intake amount, it works really well, it's explosive, etc........ I thought to myself, "what the hell, it's cheap enough", I'll give it a shot. OK!!!!! 1st of all, my wife is AFRAID of the product because since she started taking it she CAN'T get off the toilet. It works better than anything she or I have ever taken before. The main reason why today I am posting this product review, for 5 days now I have been taking 4 pills everynight before I go to bed. On the 6th day (today), while I was at work, I thought I had to PASS GAS ONLY!!!!, but to my surprise I s**t myself!!!! I would like to say that the people reviewing this product and advising others to have NOOOOOO plans, adhere to that advice. Clear your schedule and request PTO time at work, you are going to get to know Your Throne very well. If you are a couple taking this together, make sure you have 2 bathrooms available....... IT IS THAT SERIOUS!!!!!! If you are a large family, do not allow the whole family to partake in the use of this product all at once.....there will be a lot of bowel cleansing taking place. I know this review may seem funny, but we thought the same thing in reading the reviews before purchase, we laughed until we cried at a few, but they were telling the TRUTH.........and we are too...... If you are experiencing constipation in any form, chronic or basic constipation, and you have exasperated all other options such as: mineral oil, stool softeners, magnesium, beano, metamucil, fibercon, etc....TRY SUPER COLON CLEANSE.