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    With the things one uses (or should use) every day, quality matters. This floss is robust, smooth, doesn't fray, and makes a daily chore more of a pleasure than it otherwise would be. Research shows that daily flossing is one of the significant variables in life extension, and if you're not interested in living longer, the day-to-day perk is cleaner gums and better breath. Absolutely worth investing in!

  • J. night - runs hot

    this product runs very hot and freezes my TV where the remote losses control , to the point where i have to unplug the TV and plug it back in again or it will reboot the TV to on again , i think i will be returning it Samsung support is a joke they don't know whats wrong ,all they told me was best to unplug it from my TV, so as not to mess it up ,what kind of support is that , you think they would have a clue, go figure! , maybe the running hot part is normal, but its the TV freezing part i don't like, and it has to be turned off and on again, the TV froze 3 times on a movie i was watching, maybe its the amazon instant prime streaming, that's freezing, when watching HD 5.1 , the TV does not freeze when watching netflix hd 5.1 streaming movies, all i know is that whatever it is causing the freeze up , the evolution kit does not like it in amazon prime and it freezes the TV

  • Gaby` - This works quickly

    I am a Black female who relaxes her hair. When I first started using this product 4 months ago my hair was about to the bottom of my collar. Now my hair is almost to my bra strap. My scalp is no longer extremely sensitive and I do not have any stress related bald spots any more. My hair grow quicker and longer than it has ever grown before, so get this it works. Use it everyday and you will be amazed.