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  • Jacqueline - What a waste of paper!

    A lot of sacrifice has gone into this book. So many trees cut down, so much ink, a little bit of graphic design, the work of an average portrait photographer. Unfortunately the result is what could only be described as the rantings of someone who seems semi-literate, below average intelligence, mean and quite frankly very tedious. To all those trees who sacrificed your life for this book, I apologise on behalf of the human race. You deserve so much better.

  • E. Scher - Shipping Costs are Ridiculous and Packaging Insane.

    I contacted the seller to order the 2000 Tons I would need for my, er... project, and inquired about a shipping discount for larger quantities.

  • Niles36 - Nice options for realistic play!

    I bought this game for my husband who wanted to play poker and blackjack on his computer but did not want to gamble online. He was thrilled with this! It is just what he wanted. I like the background features like the noises of the casino and the other players, but he has turned that off. Nice addition though. I like that the games can be adjusted to suit the individual--speed, number of players, music, background noise, etc. You can even upload your own photo if you want. You can also choose to use Advice which helps you learn the game and makes suggestions as you play. The screen is also nicely laid out. It was very easy to load. I can't compare it to anything else but we are very satisfied with Casino Games!

  • McGroarty - Retina MacBook and iMac users: take note

    Warning: This program is still not Retina-ready. If you're using a MacBook Pro or a retina iMac, you have two choices:

  • katherine h - Nice Effective Growth Serum

    I have always had short, thin eyelashes and eyebrows, with some routine lash fall-out. It had always appeared to me that men would have thicker and longer lashes than women, when it should be the other way around. I have tried other products in order to help with my brows and eyelashes, but this is the one serum that that I have actually had the kind of results to be amazed with. I have previously started with the BANG Eyebrow Growth Serum which effectively made my eyebrows thicker, and now with the some pretty dramatic results from using the BANG Eyelash Growth Serum, my eyelashes are catching up with my brows. The combination of my lashes of my lashes not falling out, and because of the use of this eyelash serum enhancing the length growth of my lashes, I have thicker and longer eyelashes than I did last month. This serum has really been very effective in providing the predicted results that I was hoping for. I am thoroughly pleased that eyelashes can actually be seen without the application of mascara. This is the most effective eyelash serum that I have used, and I highly recommend this product.

  • Angel Perkins - Just buy it already!

    I really wasn't expecting much from this cream. I have ridiculous amounts of pain in my hips from who-knows-what that started about 6 months ago. I'm only 43 and very active, so it's super annoying to be hobbling around like I've been riding a horse for a week! I'm getting fed up with living on analgesics and was contemplating becoming an alcoholic so that I could ween myself off of them👿 But then I received a sample of this cream.... I set it aside and forgot about it for a month or so, but this morning I woke up and hurt a lot. I found it in the basket all of my samples go into while I was looking for a moisturizer, and figured that today was as good a day as any. I slathered it on and went about my day. About 30 minutes later, I realized that I wasn't hurting anymore. Just to make sure, I sat down for a few minutes and then attempted to stand. Unfolding myself has become quite a challenge, so for me that was the test to pass. Anyway, I'm moving without pain right now, and apparently my liver is saved! I'm glad that I just happened to find my sample today. I did get it in exchange for an honest review. The first one's free, but once you're hooked..... 😈