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  • Luc Tessier - I get always mosquito and the unit failed after two year of using.

    I get always mosquitos but little less, it is ok but not more. It's expensive to functionning the all unit

  • William Edwards - Installed in Portuguese!!!!!

    It installed in Portuguese & I can NOT get a hold of anyone at Microsoft. Obviously I don't speak Portuguese.

  • Steve - Sage peachtree stinks!

    I never would have bought this software if I'd known the company would be harassing me every 15 minutes to buy an upgrade. They are a real pain in the butt.

  • 1consumer - I like it, I hope it works!

    This is delicious, I like the tangy taste. I also like the ease of preparation to drink, just add water, nothing hot.

  • Tammy Horsley - Awesome generator

    I love Amazon, on that note this generator arrived in 2 days in perfect condition, I unpacked and filled with oil and gas started on first pull. I plugged in a couple of items including our toaster and no problems at all. This is a great buy I told a few friends and they also bought one. Our power went out in July for 3 days and I told my wife we will never be caught off guard again, although I really didn't want to spend a fortune for something I may never use, then as always I shopped on Amazon and found this and ordered it for peace of mind, plenty big enough to keep my family comfortable while we wait on the power company to get us back online.

  • Good Man named Mike - It works, what can I say. Better than you expect it to be, for sure!

    Have a teenager who was sick as a dog. Red eyes, coughing, runny nose, etc. The only thing he did was rub this on the bottom of his feet and put socks on and went to bed. 2 days later 100% cured. He swears by this. No other cough syrups, tablets or anything else needed.

  • anthony nguyen - Software is not that great and it is not programmable

    works exactly as advertise and add a new whole level of realism to my home cockpit. Software is not that great and it is not programmable. if you want this panel to function exactly the way you want, you have to get additional software like SPAD.NEXT so you can configure your controls.