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  • Shopping With Tess - Awesome invention! Very promising.

    Very interesting headset. I had great fun with family playing with this VR headset. The headset itself is nicely designed, and quite durable. I enjoy the Virtual reality experience as my own mini 3D theatre! the headset is comfortable to wear and the head strap fits most adult since it is elastic, will stretch fine. The instruction says not to wear it for more than 30 min. I feel 20 min is my comfortable time frame. but it's loads of fun to share with family!

  • Scully0007 - My soon-to-be 4-year old is happy.

    This is my daughters first toy of this kind. She's been using my iPhone for years now but I felt it was time she had her own device. I was torn between the Leapster Explorer and the Leappad Explorer but drawn to the Leappad because of it's customized learning. I lurked on Leapfrog's Facebook page for a few days and was surprised how much credit folks were giving Leapfrog for their children's learning. It didn't take me long to figure out it was the impossible to find toy of the year. That presented just the challenge (motivation) I needed and luckily the Facebooker's had many tips on how to "win the game."

  • Justin Spector - Good sequel to a classic film

    I thought this was a fine sequel to compliment the original. The original was better but it is very rare to see a sequel be better than the first. I thought it was innovative to see how the human race would have progressed after gaining the alien technology. The only issue I had was there was to much emphasis on story lines such as David's dad that really had no relevance to the overall plot and kind of was a waste of time. Like just because you have a sequel doesn't mean all of the original characters need to return. Will Smith was missed but him not being in the film didn't hurt it at all. Actually I always thought his role in the first film was overrated. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Sci fi and just an overall enjoyable film.

  • elaine - Interesting, nothing new

    Maybe some new details not included in other books. I keep reading about Hillary's life, expecting to be able to agree with the media. But I do not understand why they want America to become like Europe. Socialism does not work. Some of the program's she wants will continue to bankrupt our country.

  • Steven J. Lapriore Sr. - Technical Glitch/Buyer Beware!!!

    Went to do my taxes today(02/09) and should of knew something was wrong when I couldn't register online. Got through my federal taxes and went to download the state(NY), when I got an "ERROR" message.Out of date/can't connect to server. I called H&R Block, what a hassle that was just trying to find a phone number. Why can't they place it on the box? Was on hold for 1/2 hr. and the CSR was no help @ all. Seems there is a technical glitch that their I.T. people are working on. They were able to help some people, but it is still going on and I am one of those still affected. H&R Block wants me to wait 24-72 hrs. until they call me. Who wants to wait that long? Asked if I could get compensated and since I bought program through Amazon I would have to go through them. I'm going to try it on my laptop tomorrow. Will try to update this. Right now I'm not a happy camper. This is the 2nd major problem I've had with H&R Bock in 6 years. Is TurboTax the answer?