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  • Indk8 - This is a great product, it absorbs quickly and if you are ...

    This is a great product, it absorbs quickly and if you are already a fan of coconut oil and body scrubs you already know how amazing this combo is for you skin. You get a decent amount of this product for the money. I'd buy it again.

  • EWilson - Amazing product

    A friend recommended cellfood to me, and I have used it for years. At the time I had been a jaw clencher, within one month of using cellfood I had stopped clenching. That may have been a result of the minerals allowing my muscles to relax, but other mineral supplements had no affect on it. I hadn't really attributed it to the cellfood at that time, but within three weeks of not taking it, I was back to clenching. Upon resuming, my jaw relaxed.

  • Wendy - Fascinating

    Who could think a mother or a father would be capable of kidnapping their own child to get out trouble? Nobody, I would say, of course, everything is possible, people cant be so sure. That's the case with this book, the unthinkable happens, the most twisted scenario, yes.