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Tasteofrunway : Website stats and valuation - Ideatore della tendenza fashion-food, è un successo mondiale. Attualmente letto in 70 nazioni, offre ricette di cucina e consigli di stile per portare l’eleganza nella vita di tutti i giorni.

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  • craftyteacher - Excellent product!

    I love Kaspersky. I never have to worry about getting a virus on my computer. I recently got a new pc and it came with another well known virus software...needless to say...I got a virus within a day. I immediately purchased Kaspersky and installed it and cleaned out my computer. It runs smoothly in the background and doesn't cause my computer to lag at all.

  • Elizabeth Beckert - I am grounded and love it!

    I have known Clint for several years and have been a test subject in grounding. I now take no medications and can exercise vigorously--feeling totally recovered by the next morning. I am 51.

  • Amazon Customer - Inclusive language? Not so you would notice

    This is a wonderful edition of these timeless tales. The illustrations are rich and vivid, full of action and life. Even the stories without a full page illustration are decorated with a small, evocative miniature. One reviewer finds the presence of "exclusive" language as a distraction. Please don't be misled -- these are not "politically correct" retellings of Aesop. Indeed, they are more true to the original than most versions of the fables available for children. Check it out for yourself and share it with a child.

  • TrinityReign - Great Addition to Healthy Hair Care Regimen

    After using this pretty consistently for a month I have noticed the shorter hairs around my hairline are getting longer. My hair is long (just below shoulder length), thick, and curly. Because of the length I couldn't tell much of a difference in actual growth, and unfortunately I didn't think to measure before and after use. The major thing I noticed was the hairline as I mentioned earlier. My hair thinned out pretty bad around my hair line last year after I had my child. Although those areas had grown back, I do see a noticeable difference in length of those areas after using this supplement. I would recommend it as a part of a healthy hair care regimen. No supplement is a miracle that can transform damaged, unhealthy hair into visibly healthy hair, but when used in conjunction with proper hair care products and regimen it will certainly help the overall process of getting and maintaining healthy, fabulous hair.

  • Sean Hill - Be warned!!!

    Just for what it's worth to anyone looking to purchase this product or any other product using a combination lock similar to this one. With a simple mechanics feeler guage these kind of combination locks can be cracked in a matter of seconds. My company used these all the time and we always had to crack the lock code as our customers would always change employees and forget what codes they used. I can crack any of these in less than a minute.

  • Amazon Customer - It is so annoying. I love Grey's but Amazon

    The thing with the 10 second fast forward and rewind and the actors names and pictures on the side never go away! It is so annoying. I love Grey's but Amazon, this is ridiculous.