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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Very nice

    Husband loves this spreader. He had another brand and says this one is superior to this original. Nice helpful product

  • Bob Burns - i am amazed at what cellfood did for me ...

    this story is so crazy i don't believe it myself, yet it is true. i had torso pain for 26 years that was auto-immune related (immune system attacks cells on rib cage, similar to some forms of arthritis). then, someone on the internet suggested cellfood, which is an anti-oxidant vitamin that reduces the load on the immune system. "immune load" is the amount of stuff it is fighting. Reducing load causes it's sensitivity to drop. "immune sensitivity" is how likely it is that it will attack something. In other words, thiscellfood helps with auto-immune problems (immune system attacking something you don't want it to attack). i figured there was a 1 in a million chance this cellfood would be helpful (i am a skeptic). so it tried it and the pain went away within 5 days. if you have a goofy problem, i suggest you take cellfood for several weeks and if you don't see dramatic improvement, discontinue use. to see experiences others have had, view the other reviews at amazon.

  • joe marotz - Oh holy heck!

    O.k. where do i start? This was a freaking awesome book! Tons of action. An odd twist. Then a reveal that made me mad. Then happy. Funny i craved chicken wings for some reason while reading this. Check it out you might crave it too.

  • Jennylou - Great addition to the routine after active acne flare-ups.

    I am a beauty product tramp and was skeptical but excited to try this out in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mary L. Hanner - This is Good!

    I'm a skeptical buyer, but I've been testing my memory to see if there is any improvement in even the first month of this product, and I actually see some verifiable proof that I can remember more quickly and more accurately. It's a surprise, actually. i don't believe most of the hype on these products, but I do know that tumeric in the diets of people who cook with the spice affects memory.

  • William H. - Great HDTV Streaming, easy installation and use, Go Netgear!

    I have always been pleased with the ease of installation and use of Netgear networking products and look forward to years of trouble-free service from my new Orbi installation. Superb HDTV streaming!

  • Amazon Customer - I like this one the best so far

    I tried multiple cameras. I like this one the best so far. It lets me take pictures/videos, listen/talk, toss treats, and most importantly, alerts me when my dog barks. The only downside is that i can't swivel the camera angle remotely, but the coverage is pretty wide to cover enough spaces so I am not too concerned. I like the design too, that it does not look like a ugly camera.