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Chiropractic Care Center | Gaithersburg, MD | Active Family Chiropractic - At our care center in Gaithersburg, MD, our aim is to get our patients out of pain from Lakelands, Kentlands, North Potomac, Rockville & Montgomery village.

  • http://swistakchiro.com/about-us/ About Us | Active Family Chiropractic - Our health care professionals help patient with a broad range of health issues, everything from everyday lower back pain, headaches to sports & workplace.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/meet-our-team/ Meet Our Team | Active Family Chiropractic - We are a team of three highly-trained and experienced healthcare providers in addition to our friendly front office staff.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/tour-the-office/ Tour The Office | Active Family Chiropractic - Please enjoy the virtual tour of our office and plan an appointment to get off from your day to day body pains!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/practice-newsroom/ Practice Newsroom | Active Family Chiropractic - Find all our updates and latest press releases here. We encourage you to stop by often!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/location-and-office-hours/ Location and Office Hours | Active Family Chiropractic - Our Gaithersburg, MD office is conveniently located in Kentlands and the working hours are flexible including before and after work as well as lunch time.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/contact-us/ Contact Us | Gaithersburg, MD | Active Family Chiropractic - Contact us by phone or by visiting us personally at our care center in Gaithersburg, MD with your problems and return with best possible treatment to it.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/our-services/ Our Services | Chiropractic Manipulation | Active Family Chiropractic - We take a very patient-centered approach to the services we offer in our care center at Gaithersburg, MD, with chiropractic manipulations!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/chiropractic-care-center/ Chiropractic Care Center - Dr. Swistak | Active Family Chiropractic - Welcome to Dr. Swistak’s Chiropractic Care Center situated at Gaithersburg MD. We assess your condition and outline an arrangement of treatment that works.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/acupuncture-therapist/ Acupuncture Therapist | Active Family Chiropractic - Our expert acupuncture therapist focuses on overall improvement of the body by their professional treatment which is the Form traditional Chinese medicine.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/custom-orthotics/ Custom and Foot Orthotics | Active Family Chiropractic - Full-service custom and foot orthotics treatment center. we use the new V7+3D™ with BlueFoot 3D™ scanner from Foot Levelers to scan each patient’s feet.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/nutritional-supplements/ Nutritional Supplements | Active Family Chiropractic - Dr. Swistak and his team offer dietary and nutritional supplements guidance as part of a patient’s holistic treatment plan.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/schedule-an-appointment/ Schedule an Appointment | Active Family Chiropractic - Schedule an appointment with our Chiropractor Dr. Greg Swistak in Gaithersburg, MD and get the best treatment to your problems.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/insurance-and-plans/ Insurance and Plans | Active Family Chiropractic - We offer affordable cash plans and insurance plans too. Let us know your insurance plans and if it is not in our list we’ll update the list to benefit you.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/new-patient-forms/ New Patient Forms | Active Family Chiropractic - We welcome new patients from Lakelands,Kentlands, North Potomac, Rockville & Montgomery village. We’ve made forms available on website for your convenience.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/conditions-we-treat/ Conditions We Treat | Active Family Chiropractic - At Active Family Chiropractic, our focus is on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and more.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/lower-back-pain-treatment/ Lower Back Pain Treatment | Active Family Chiropractic - Dr. Swistak, in Gaithersburg, MD, provides the patients with proper care for lower back pain & helps to prevent recurrence.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/upper-back-pain/ Upper Back Pain Relief | Active Family Chiropractic - Get relief from your upper back pain, caused by stress, tension, and bad posture, from the treatment provided by Dr. Swistak in Gaithersburg, MD.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/neck-pain/ Neck Pain Chiropractor | Active Family Chiropractic - Neck pain being a very common problem, our chiropractor Dr. Greg Swistak, in Gaithersburg, MD will adjust the neck to have pain free moves. Call us today!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/whiplash-and-auto-accident-injuries/ Whiplash And Auto Accident Injury Treatment | Active Family Chiropractic - Get the best treatment for Whiplash, an injury to the neck and auto injuries from a trained chiropractor only. No DIY! We operate in Gaithersburg, MD.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/sciatica/ Sciatica Pain Relief | Active Family Chiropractic - Get relief from the sciatica pain with chiropractor’s variety of non-invasive approaches including spinal manipulation, physical therapy, and more.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/headaches/ Headaches | Chiropractic Manipulation | Active Family Chiropractic - Headaches being the most common problem amongst all. Many headache sufferers are exploring alternative approaches including chiropractic manipulation.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/migraines/ Migraines | Chiropractic Massage Therapist | Active Family Chiropractic - Join us and get relief from the severe migraine pain. Chiropractic massage therapy could significantly help sufferers from chronic or episodic migraines.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/tmj-tempromandibular-joint-disorder/ Tempromandibular Joint Disorder Treatment | Active Family Chiropractic - We provide the best treatment for TMJ, a common condition in which there is a limited range of motion within the jaw. Give us a call today!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/fibromyalgia/ What is Fibromyalgia | Active Family Chiropractic - If you or anyone you know, are suffering from fibromyalgia, please share this article with them and encourage them to get a chiropractic consultation.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment | Active Family Chiropractic - If carpal tunnel syndrome is caught early, then chiropractic treatment is an effective, drug-free method to get relief. Visit us today for treating it!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/shoulder-pain/ Shoulder Impingement & Pain Specialist | Active Family Chiropractic - Chiropractors are specialist health care professionals who deal with shoulder pain on a daily basis. So come to us and let the shoulder pain go off!
  • http://swistakchiro.com/elbow-pain/ Elbow Pain Specialist | Active Family Chiropractic - Suffering from elbow pain? We are here to provide the chiropractic treatment which will likely include rest & ice, exercises, massage, & joint manipulation.
  • http://swistakchiro.com/knee-pain/ Knee Pain Orthopedic | Active Family Chiropractic - Solutions to all your knee problems is here at Active Family Chiropractic. Knee pain is one of the most common orthopedic ailments treated by chiropractors.

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