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  • Darqin'd Yurdae - WHAT THE WHAT?

    Despite the countless hours, days, months and perhaps years this researcher spent investigating the need and the economical ramifications to the Greater China region, he missed one important feature... round or elongated?

  • Kelly Augustine - Works great. I'm able to get turned on more easily ...

    Works great. I'm able to get turned on more easily and i can get rock hard til i cum and can go again the next day with the same amount.

  • J. Z. Powell - Probably would have liked it if it were categorized properly

    SPOILERS AHEAD. Like another reviewer mentioned, this was marketed as psychological thriller/suspense, and the first third of the book did provide that. But towards the midway point it just sunk a lot into the midlife crisis the main character was going through. Lots of agonizing introspection, not very suspenseful or thrilling at all. I skipped to the end and there was a kind of twist, but it really wasn't all that shocking given what we know about that character. Lots of sex and body image issues, all handled well but I believe a better fit for the romance genre. Author bio says she's taking a turn towards "darker" side of genre fiction but I personally didn't think throwing in a crime and a suicide attempt into what's pretty much a romance novel makes it very dark. Again, the book was definitely well written but it was not marketed properly at all. Two stars for the writing quality.

  • Whoever - I am having the most horrible reaction to this

    See below for my original 1-star review, which I've decided to edit months later to be fair. I had a bad reaction but I now realize it was my own fault. I wasn't cautious enough, and I didn't immediately stop when my skin was reacting badly. I was too brave and greedy for things to happen. Go in slow, and be cautious. Once my skin reaction cleared up (THANK YOU ALOE GEL) I continued using this, but much more cautiously. I figured, it affected me because it was working. It's not just snake oil. Now I just use small amount every other night, mixed with my night cream, and my skin feels fine. I have no idea how much it's re-newing my skin, but I assume it is because it's obviously powerful stuff.

  • Wendy LeGrand - I want to be a part of Ryen and Misha's tribe!

    4.5 Stars. I was recently introduced to Penelope's books when I read Corrupt and was instantly enamored with her writing style, her ability to weave suspense and mystery through her stories.

  • AA Pearce - Great reference tool

    I recently decided to get this updated version of the old favorite. The information is still solid and this book has been an amazing help to me in my work as a freelance copywriter. There's other, more detailed style and grammar books, but if you want a quick reference tool, this is the book for you. Recommended!