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  • Teri Anderson Buck - And what good is it if it is undecipherable

    I spent hours with Tech support just to get the program registered. I started with an OEM version that came with an SSD but it was worthless so I foolishly paid to get an upgrade to this. It wouldn't accept the Registration numbers given to me. They have a Byzantine 64 digit registration code. Bring your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, When the program refuses to accept the registration number you have been given, there is no clue what is wrong.

  • strubedooasg - worked for me

    I have tried many supplements for my knees for the past 10 years (opting to not go the prescription route.) This is the only one that has ever worked for me.

  • M. S. Driver - The definitive "Christmas Carol"

    Of all the many versions of "A Christmas Carol" now available on video, this one is the defining one: it isn't necessarily the most accurate recreation of the Dickens story, but I think it surpasses it in what it is teaching us. Alistair Sim is not a cartoon or caricature but a chillingly realistic Scrooge in his "before" incarnation, and his transformation is more profound and complete, into his wonderfully warm and touchingly humorous "after" character. Avoid the colorized version -- the gloomy mood is best captured in black and white.

  • L. Becker - Emphasizes tricks, rather than knowledge

    I took the GRE in May 2013. I bought this book mainly to review the quantitative reasoning section of the test, since I was applying for an engineering program. The Princeton Review GRE book focuses mainly on strategies rather than how to actually approach specific types of problems. Many of the strategies are common sense: process of elimination, plugging in answers, etc. Because of the diversity of the questions,I found it very difficult to determine when to use what strategy. After being frustrated with how little I was getting out of the Princeton Review's book, I bought another one (GRE for Dummies), which better prepared me for the QR section of the GRE.

  • coloradostevie - Works great but stretches

    This strap fits well, is comfortable and works just like it should. I wear it with my cpap mask. But, my first one stretched out so much within 5 months and had to be replaced. Because it's the only one currently around that works for me, I've resigned that I will have to just purchase it 2-3 times per year. Also, referring to other reviews about the smell, it goes away after about a week, or you can put it in the dryer with a softener sheet and that seems to work well.

  • Lacie - Loved the package deal with part 97 paper copy included

    Loved the package deal with part 97 paper copy included. Was concerned I would get wrong book because putter cover does not match the Gordon west yellow cover for current testing but it was Inside! Took a long time to arrive!