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  • James Bush Jr. - This is the best valve oil I have ever used

    This is the best valve oil I have ever used. I've never tried the synthetics or the non-petroleum lubes. I don't feel I need to do so. I use this valve oil on my 1933 F.E. Olds Super trumpet and the valves are still as fast as ever. The valves have some wear but they are very clean. I'll bet there are few horns that are 80 years old with valves that are this clean. I have owned the trumpet since 1981 and have never used anything but Al Cass valve oil, as did the previous owner. I can't speculate about the original owner of the horn.

  • Linda3408 - A great program

    I had worn out my 2004 version, so I updated with the 2011. This is a fabulous program that lets you edit the cards, adding names, graphics and even personalizing the 'this card was made just for you by me' on the back.

  • skindeep - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

    I love this stuff!!!!! not only does it thicken and grow your hair but what it does for your skin is amazing!!! Every time I use Nzuri in the morning my skin glows so beautifully and I can literally feel the difference in my thin and thinning hair!!

  • Lee-Han O - IT WORKS

    I have been using this serum for months and my face is a fortress of smooth and tight bitchen-ness. You have to have a regimen and stick to it. I have that botox don't move forehead unless I get animated with my expressions. It's that good. Don't expect if you have Grinch lines for them to completely smooth out. Not going to happen. Smile lines, crows feet, stress lines...those will go away with use of this product along with your other skin care. Give it time and before you know will be smiling like me.

  • Amazon Customer - I personally use this and its perfect. In the first week or so i starting ...

    I personally use this and its perfect. In the first week or so i starting to break out a bit but after a month it was perfect my skin is much better now then before.