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  • Erica - Don't have to be pregnant to take this prenatal vitamin

    Well I'm not pregnant yet, but I started taking these prenatal vitamins for the vast array of vitamins and nutrients that they carry. I was taking a large variety of other supplements, and decided since they're all combined in prenatal vitamins why not just take a prenatal vitamin instead. And that is exactly what I decided to. I had been individually taking small doses of omega-3 fatty acids

  • Tree Mugger - For my use OK

    I would not have purchased this except my old Nero program could not be used on my Windows 8. I really debated this through after reading a lot of reviews of all of the versions but I tried a few other programs that unfortunately messed with a few other programs and I am back to Nero. I really liked my old dependable Nero. I am really uncertain how this new relationship will work out. It's off to a rough start. This version was the install from hell but I soldiered my way through it. What was up with the install Nero?? I know enough to be dangerous and you about killed me on this one. I finally got everything to work and now so far I am content but I admit I am terrified if I ever had to do this again.

  • Sandra Parris - It was the perfect, most practical gift

    Gave as gift to a client who just had a baby and she informed me she loves the monitor. It was the perfect, most practical gift.

  • Carl Konosky - sh*t

    This product is Sh*t. It foams up and makes a huge mess. sticks to everything else but what you want it to. takes forever to dry and when it does its a nasty poo brown and impossible to get rid of, yet somehow what you tried to glue together doesn't hold?

  • Web TV Guy - Better Solution Than Rabbit TV

    I found a better solution than Rabbit TV after watching the Rabbit TV review video on YouTube -- Not a good rating -- Watch This...