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  • Tracy - Useless product - 3 cats all inside pets

    Useless product - 3 cats all inside pets. Dog was brought some fleas in the house, cats ended up with fleas too. Bought collars for cats and the dog - a week later all animals are infested with fleas! (Dog was on monthly pill for heartworm/flea treatments that didn't work - she will be going back to more expensive pill)

  • Devorah Waters - It's great! The cup holder is soft so it doesn't ...

    It's great! The cup holder is soft so it doesn't hold a coffee cup, but it holds a water bottle or baby bottle well. Otherwise, I like it a lot!

  • Agustin Cepeda - the best for skinny guys

    the best supplement to make stretch-marking gains for the skinny dude. This is definately worth your money you have to try this

  • Anthony C. Sivadge - Perfect for Explorer.

    Great little antenna. This was the difference between getting my new Explorer or not. The length is perfect, works great, it looks better than the stock antenna and it feels very solid. Now my car fits in the garage. As a bonus it's American made!

  • Douglas L Kessler - Really Performs - Just Do Your Prep Like Any Paint

    I tried this paint (HWP101) with their clear (HWP103 I believe) and it came out spectacular! It's ALL in the prep work. After 3-coats of their primer/filler I dry sanded with 600-grit sand paper as recommended. Then applied 4-coats of this silver making sure the wet coat (they call medium) was WET. I would call it a heavy coat -close to running. It really shines. Adding the clear coat (same number coats and heaviness of final coat) really added depth. These wheels go on a Lexus GX470 and are a little darker then "HyperSilver" but not much. In all, the product really performed. Tip: when the can gets low (20%) switch to a new can for the best sputters a little when low but doesn't wreck the finish.