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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -77.4728 Virginia, United States

  • Mary L. Wise - Magazine

    Bought it as a gift for the daughter who is an early child hood (pre school) teacher. Lots of valuable stuff in here.

  • djgaloot - After going through Amazon support (very nice and tried to help) and then Microsoft support (Could ...

    Just bought this with a dire need to make some publications quickly. Would not download no matter what I tried. After going through Amazon support (very nice and tried to help) and then Microsoft support (Could not understand heavy India accent) for over an hour, they finally said that they were having server issues and to wait 24-48 hours and try again. No way to get the product download to me. Unhappy camper here.

  • Anthony - Great case

    Great phone case. This phone case is nice and slick makes my phone look good while protecting it and it's not even a big or bulky case and it does its job perfect in protecting my phone. The buttons are all very easy to press and you can have this case on with a screen protector no problem.

  • Highly recommended - Highly recommended

    With so many companies struggling today, good to great is an outstanding book to show the way to growth...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Tobias Biermeier - Swiss engineer found in the Wenger

    Over all the functions of the Wenger Giant are pretty good. But the quality is at some points not the best.

  • J. Franck - Needs help! But great once fixed.

    Doesn't it just grate your grits when you have to alter what should be a perfectly good product to make it work properly when the manufacturer could have gotten it right so easily?! Especially such a simple thing as this hand warmer?! I mean, Zippo! Good grief!

  • MARIE G BELL - I'll take it.

    This is a quality reel, casts very smoothly, no backlashes so far, at a very reasonable price. I have several more expensive reels that do not function as good