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  • chellee - Have had for 3.5 years and still works like new

    I bought this about 3.5 years ago for my husband and he's been using it ever since. It was the first vacuum pump he had ever tried with his wine bottles so we really didn't think much of it. It did what it was supposed to do and you can feel it working with each pump getting gradually harder as the air into bottle runs out. When it is completely vacuumed the pump makes a clicking noise to indicate that you are done. Easy-Peasy.

  • J.E. - Not worth the money

    Poor quality. Not worth the money. Can't even use the cup holder if seat is forward facing and in an upward position. Pockets are too small and tight. Can barely fit a cell phone. Don't waste your money.

  • Charles A. Ellis MD - Great start-Disappointing ending!

    This would have been 5-star were it not for the final episode. In that episode, the courtroom action was so severely condensed that it was difficult for me to accept that the jury could have come to any thoughtful decision at all. That strongly colored my overall impression of the work: the acting and character portrayal had been excellent from starring roles to bit parts, so it was unnerving to watch so many characters shunted aside as the final episode rushed to its conclusion. The hectic pace of the finale apparently made necessary the unrealistic compression of the legal maneuvers involved in presenting a surprise witness and bypassing the rules of discovery. The work should have been at least one episode longer, and sorely needed the advice of a trial lawyer.

  • James - Great for PCAT prep

    I love this book. So organized and thorough. Math section could used a little oomph, but if you're good with math this is the PERFECT study book.

  • Colene - Family Tree Maker 2012 windows 8

    I just installed FTM 2012 on Windows 8. (I ordered FTM 2013 but received FTM 2012) The conversion from my older version went well, except now all the divorced are married. All the children, from mixed families have the wrong father or mother. It is a mess. I am trying to decide what is easier - to rebuild from scratch or try and fix all the parent/child/spouse relationships. Fixing a relationship doesn't seem to fix the relationship in every view or report.