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  • Dutch - Excellent champage guide - you won't regret buying it!

    Excellent guide for champagne lovers. As in any champagne book you won't find all brands and releases - probably it's not feasible or practical. However you'll find most of popular (in the US) brands and more. Strong sides:

  • Tom Rehwald - How to bilk the public

    It works just like it is supposed to. the trick is that it can only be purchased alone, or as part of a $400+ suite. How about you get some humanity Bill gates and give up the greed...

  • Ronald L Conkle - A really good environment

    To date Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 has been a wonderful tool for me and I recommend it for those seeking just a little bit more their development tools. Therefore my personal choice is Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 ...

  • EC-764 - Street and Trips 2013

    Good product. I'm not sure what even comes close to this in the other mapping products of similar price. So far works well and I would buy again. Directions have been spot on, the times I have used this product.

  • PackmanJones - Shockingly advertised.

    I have used this product 3 times so far at the 40/40 pressure setting and then today at 55/55 each for about 25 minute sessions. I have to say, so far i'm optimistic. 40/40 is the recommended pressure setting for the first use in the plan. It wasn't uncomfortable in the least bit, kinda pleasing sensation actually...I definitely had the desire to bump up the pressure immediately afterwards and go for another workout(even though they don't advise). After I got up to the 55-60 range I could definitely feel my abs start to work-VERY COOL! As time goes on the belt begins to wear down your abs as it slowly increases to the desired pressure, which seems to take a couple of minutes. I can feel my abs begin contracting as the pressure builds. I don't consider myself overweight, but I am very soft... about 5'7 155 so anytime I do a lot of crunches I can start to see definition in the upper region of my abs, I did see the same results with the belt after a 50 minute session. I looked in the mirror and saw the upper portion of my abs poking through.

  • For my Money - Does the job

    MacAfee is rated as one of the best software when compared to other virus programs. I have used McAfee on and off for 20 years or more. It is an excellent program, and Amazon sells it for a fair price. In this case I purchased the 2015 issue because once it is downloaded and activated it will still be the same as the 2016 issue...