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  • John Radia - great mount applies well stays to the wall well durable ...

    great mount applies well stays to the wall well durable and quality pieces of metal were used to make this awesome buy would use for new moves anytime I am very satisfied with this product.

  • M. Cherry - Excellent RF 10" Sub

    Bought in 2013 and wasn't so impressed with it in a small sealed box in the center console of my old boat. I sold that boat so, I transferred to the new boat and replaced a Kenwood marine 10" sub that came with the boat and hooked it up to a Kenwood 300W (@4ohm) mono amp and.....holy crap!! I sometimes get worried about the fiberglass seat it is mounted in, that this thing is going to kick too hard and crack the fiberglass!! I mean it is ridiculous. So, knowing me...I'm going to order a second one and mount back near the transom for the bass while on the pier or in the water. The first one is great while IN the boat but, a 10" sub facing forward on a 31' boat just isn't going to do it the way I want.

  • M. Yoder - Horrible Product: app crashes daily, charts incorrect, UI sluggesh and cheap.

    *** 10/27/13 update: app crashes almost daily. This happens when syncing with my accounts, and/or cloud, or just moving around in the app. It is really shocking how bad this app is. It is very disappointing that such a mainstream product is so unstable, yet people (suckers like me) seem to still buy it! I am told that you can return the product within 60 days for full refund, and at this point with multiple crashes per day I have reached this point. I will be returning the app and searching for more stable alternatives.

  • L. Seebeck - Great Buy!

    I havent had the chance to really put this knife to the test yet on a deer but so far I am very pleased. The handle is very ergonomic and the plastic material seems to be very grippy, even when wet. The curved blade is awesome and was very sharp right out of the box. The sheath is a nice bonus as well. A great buy for the price!

  • Ralph Cestero - Fantastic! Absoluetly does work

    Fantastic! Absoluetly does work! My dad 83 years old has arthritis especially bad in his fingers. Fingers were locking and painful. He saw the infomercial ( I was very skeptical) he ordered anyway within a month he felt improvement, now it is 2 months and its almost all gone No more locking fingers! Amazing! Taking Supple one can a day for 2 months is the only thing he has done differently and the results are fantastic. Highly recommend!

  • phat - The content was very easy to understand and the practice questions were terrific

    Just a really well done book. The content was very easy to understand and the practice questions were terrific. Highly recommend it. It is very well organized. I think that it is not an information overload with stuff that you will not used to practice.It has a ton of practice questions that helped me figure out what I did and did not know. There are 100 questions at the end of the book to help you prepare for taking the exam.This book is presented in short, easy-to-read chapters. I am recommended this book from my friend who is Nursing major. I received this book with a discounted program for my honest and unbiased review. But it is in no way affects my view of this product. If you want to find one for reviewing and preparing test, this book is the one you should get.

  • Frank K. Gaza - One of the Best MS Project books out there

    This is a great book. I have been teaching MS Project at the local university (continuing education dept) for over fifteen years, and way back in 1994 you could find several good books on MS Project. Step by Step was good in its early days. And of course the Que series by Tim Pyron were classics--especially the year that Gus Cicala and his team ghost wrote half of the book when Tim became ill (whatever happened to Tim---and Woody's Watch for MS Project? Ah, the good old days). Well recent years and the collapse of the book industry saw many of those great texts go away, probably due to economics, and in the vacuum a lot of sub par books came out, basically rewrites of the help section of MS Project. Discouraging. Then this past year one of my students recommended Eric's book. It is excellent. And Eric has the perfect PMI-esqe curmudgeon style that is just plain fun to read---especially if you are a project manager! (We are a sick lot, admittedly, but we contribute greatly to the gross national product, so give us a break!). Looking for a reference book or "teach me how" book for MS Project? Go no further. This book is tops.