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  • Sarah Marley - Best Umbrella Stroller

    This is such a great stroller. It's super lightweight, I can carry it on the subway no problem. The fact that it has a shoulder strap and that it stands upright on its own is amazing. It's comfortable for my baby, easy to get him in and out. The seat reclines so he can nap or take a bottle while we're out. I don't think that umbrella stroller are ever a super smooth ride but this one is about as smooth as it gets. Very easy to navigate, even one handed. I really don't see any negatives to this stroller. Perhaps it's a little pricey...

  • Shorti45 - Samsung galaxy Prevail

    Nice little smaller than expected, other than that great phone, great price, new in original box, lil the size.

  • faith Hanson - Struggling to purchase? Read me

    Has a suttle smell. Smells like hemp and argon oil, which is what it is made of... I have very thick curly and wavy hair that frizzes in the humid Florida heat. I love this product because it helps my frizz and gives my hair a healthy sheen. Great product. If struggling on ordering, at least order the styling oil and use if you have an issue with frizz. I apply to damp hair and let it dry naturally which helps more with the frizz.

  • Amazon Customer - product is great not crazy about who I bought from though.

    Happy with the product not with the company. The product worked very well and I still order it. But I use another company.

  • Irish64 - Urine Off was a livesaver for our basement!

    Our cat decided to get into a peeing match between a neighborhood cat through our basement door (which leads to a stairwell accessible from outdoors). We hadn't gone into that area of the basement for a while, and were clueless that this was happening until one hot, humid rainy day where the stench came up the basement stairs into our house. We thought it was the litter box, which I gave a thorough cleaning, but this was not it. After a quick search, I found the area - a wooden door and concrete floor (both exterior and interior). I tried all of the typical products - vinegar (full strength), bleach (full strength), Nature's Miracle, but nothing worked. I did some research online for getting cat urine out of concrete floors, and it was recommended to first clean the floor with TSP (found at Home Depot) to open up the pores of the concrete and then come in with a heavy duty bio-enzymatic cleaner to soak into the concrete and destroy the odor causing elements. I treated the floor with bleach, and let dry for a few days, treated with vinegar and let dry for a few days, before cleaning with the TSP according to manufacturer instructions. This whole time, I barricaded the area off from our cat so he wouldn't get into these chemicals. After the area thoroughly dried (and still smelled at this point - honestly I think it was worse after the TSP treatment because it opened up the pores in the concrete), I doused it with two spray bottles worth of this cleaner and let it dry for a few days.

  • JMroz - it didn't look like the costumed pictured

    When this costume arrived, it didn't look like the costumed pictured. The ears are made out of craft foam and the material is very thin. It wasn't useable for Halloween, but my little one was so excited about it that we kept it for dress up.