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  • DarkFire - 10/10 love this. I thought I had totally missed my ...

    10/10 love this. I thought I had totally missed my chance when I heard of this promotion late, but this saved me. Excellent service and very quick delivery. My definite approval of gamergirl321, would buy again.

  • Andrew - 5 Star Product

    As a student, part-time worker, gym lover, and being constantly on the go, there are days when I have felt exhausted and needed that extra drive to be focused on daily tasks. I see every single task of my day as a goal and when I had heard that 1st Phorm was coming out with MasterBrain to aid in focus, I had to jump on it. I have used it for a little over a week now, and I have got to be blunt, this product does what it says it will. I can actually stay focused on my classwork and studying, maintain focus in the gym, and really notice the difference when I have not taken the MasterBrain AM through the day. The MasterBrain PM is great when you are really trying to get in the sleeping state and it's a blessing that they come together! I'm not saying it is a magic pill that makes you smarter, but it gives you a bit of an edge when you're trying to be focused and think in depth about the tasks you have against you for the day!

  • KC in New York - Average overpriced beauty product.

    My Mom ordered this and got so many (unwanted) shipments that she was giving me boxes of it. I understand she had issues with their customer service, like many reviewers. Anyway, this is an average set of products, but nothing exceptional. Definitely overpriced and my biggest problem with the cleanser in particular is it's so watery, it's ridiculous. As far as the claims they make on the infomercials, it's all B.S., but I would never believe that garbage anyway. Only reason I even tried this is because my Mom had extras and just gave me boxes of it, but I would've never ordered this on my own. Of course Cindy gets Botox, fillers, etc! Come on think there are truly any aging supermodels who aren't?

  • Amanda M. - I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and ...

    We got these because we live in an old house and had trouble with mice in the colder months. I didn't like using traditional traps because they scare my dog and didn't want to use poison. They worked very well to keep them away but occasionally we'd have one or two mice over the three years that we've used them that didn't seem to really be bothered at all by them. It's way better than killing a mouse every day like we were before we started using them! Would recommend.

  • lola - I was pleasantly surprised!

    I thought this was another bathroom gimmick and was extremely skeptical when I first saw this, but I was desperate. I have been having constipation for quite a while and thought, why not? I got the 9 inch since I am short and our toilet is higher than standard. It does help and I like it in aiding in bowel movements and I have become dependent on the SP! Somehow, it lines up the colon for better elimination. I have been recently going for pelvic floor rehab and they also recommend the SP. I may order another.

  • Mamalood - this product was SPOILED

    oil arrived and was BAD. Smelled HORRIBLE. I have used this before. First bottle was great. Used it all. Second bottle arrived and I have never smelled anything so bad. I researched and found that argan oil should be sold in dark containers. Switched to a different manufacturer and am happy with the oil I received now.