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  • Florence L. Haggerty - why did I wait so long to get my first piece of Le Creuset??

    a must have for soups, stocks, braising, you name it! amazing heat distribution and easy peasy cleanup. I'm addicted and must have more!!

  • Robert B. Hess - They were the best pans I ever bought at the time and they ...

    I bought this set in 2007. They were the best pans I ever bought at the time and they are still going strong. The non-stick isn't as non-stick as it was at first but still doing pretty well. Yeah, you have to scrub the rivets as food sticks to them but my dish brush gets it off pretty easy. I'm not a freak about the appearance on the outside so it's not a big deal to me but performance is. They are heavy for aluminum pans which is what you want. They all do well but I really love the 12", it's a workhorse. When I first used it the difference between it and the cheap pans I had used before was huge. It holds the heat and can sear pretty well. The set as whole is still pretty sturdy, no looseness or problems with the pans or pots with their construction.

  • James M. Koury - Major problems with this release. Stay Away

    It installed and backed up the hard drive onto an external 1TB hard drive without a problem. About 2 hours for 618 gigs. However immediately after the initial backup, I tried both an incremental and differential backup which are only supposed to backup changed files from the initial backup. Since there were no changed files, the incremental ad differential backup should have been extremely small, however each was 250GB or 50% of the size of the initial backup. I would fill a 1TB backup after only two differential backups. why are these incremental backups so large when NO files had changed since the original backup? It would fill the backup after only 2 weeks.

  • country chic - an apple (juice) a day keeps the Dr. away!

    My husband drinks apple juice( mixed with water i.e due to the sugar content) as he has to take a lot of pills and supplements. Aome are in powder form and have to be mixed w/water and mott's apple juice really helps with the taste. We use to purchase in the grocery store but due to having to haul a lot of apple juice all the time was taking a toll on my body as well as just a pain to lug. Amazon selling Mott's apple juice is really a great buy especially for a name brand and the delivery is just the icing on the cake!

  • Mollie G. - I am quite pleased with durability that these appear to have as well ...

    I purchased these solar garden lights to use to illuminate my front walkway. The are replacing my old ones which still work however I purchased them in black and the color has turned a grey color in just one season due to rain or sun or perhaps a combination of the two, this set comes in a stainless steel finish and looks a bit more stylist than the black did which is an added bonus. They provide the right amount of lighting, subtle without being too bright which in turn gives my home a sort of inviting feeling. I am quite pleased with durability that these appear to have as well and may well be ordering another set in the near future to replace some other of my lights. I would definitely recommend these lights!

  • Ashley Wrobel - Very Hydrating

    I love this product. It feels silky and hydrating and I am very pleased how soft my skin feels when I use it. I use it under my foundation.