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  • velocesmells: when people say they love you but... - kind Bird King - velocesmells: “ when people say they love you but romanticize your mental health issues ”
  • noxyouraveragefangirl: Me: Really wants a... - kind Bird King - noxyouraveragefangirl: “ Me: Really wants a romantic relationship Me: Never develops strong feelings for anyone Me: ”
  • swampcrow: i dressed up all my falloutgirls ... - kind Bird King - swampcrow: “ i dressed up all my fallout girls in halloween outfits? 🎃 costume descriptions are on the captions! ”

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  • wvamazonwarrior - Great piece of mind

    For septic tanks, it's worth the piece of mind to use this. I haven't had to drain my tank since using this. Amazon sends it to me each month, so although I still forget to use it sometimes, at least I don't forget to buy it.

  • Jack Bert - Mediocre. You have it all, but you don't.

    The problem is that after buying it you still are lacking a good word processor for large page number documents like books. This is 30 years after the promise that this would be a reality.

  • Ronald W. - Doctor Recommended

    These were recommended by the eye doctor who did laser surgery on my eyes to help with the dry eye problem I already had. He recommended them as the best ones for longer lasting lubrication for dry eyes. Whether you've had laser surgery or not, if you suffer from dry eyes, I can definitely recommend these. You can see clearly after a few blinks, unlike some of the other eye drops out there. I tried several before the doctor recommended these, and I highly recommend them. They are more expensive, but we are talking about your eyes here. If the company makes money from a good product, and it works for me, then I'm happy.

  • Marine_Engineer - Perfect OEM (MOPAR) replacement for the underhood lamp assembly

    After installing an aftermarket air box under the hood of my 2005 Ram 1500 about eight years ago, I needed to relocate the lamp assembly to another location (on the underside of the hood) as my new airbox would not allow the hood to be closed with the lamp in its original location. The back part of the original lamp assembly having recently broken away from the rest of the fixture (due to age, vibration, etc.) I ordered this OEM replacement part, and it took only a couple days to get to me. It fits perfectly in the existing harness of the truck, and I reconnected it to the hood without any trouble whatsoever (NB - Remember to pull out the red locking pin from the OEM harness connector before disconnecting the old lamp fixture.)

  • Charles Krusekopf - Not as pictured

    The item delivered was not as pictured. The item does not perform as advertised. They do not fit the car as promised. These are not a quality product, they did not fit the car and are useless.

  • John W. Miller - Cozmo is cool and it will just get better

    Cozmo is an evolving product. He gains abilities as time goes on. I had to make the first wifi connection manually but as updates come more content will be added and any issues will get software fixes. He is so cute and personable

  • Vanessa - Great product

    I haven't noticed much of a change in my eyes yet, but I think I just need to use it longer. It goes on nicely though and I can't even tell I put it on at all. It's not greasy or oily either.