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    WORRIED The leak stopped, I think, because the power steering has not made the horrible noises it was doing. It was like just metal rubbing against metal every time I made a sharp turn. My concern is that since I used Stop Leak, my power steering is becoming stiffer and stiffer. I am not sure if I was supposed to drain it after some time or what happened. I imagine that it's some type of glue that may be hardening. I tried to contact the company about it through the website, and I couldn't because the "Contact Us" form didn't work properly when I tried it in whatever is the most recent version of IE for Windows.

  • LilliA. - Works, but be cautious and patient. Expect to buy several kits.

    I started out with darkish medium brown hair that I hadn't dyed in over a year, however, I used to dye it darker for several years (so that may or may not have effected my results). I have straight hair that is just a bit longer than shoulder length and my hair is neither thick nor thin. I have done two processes with this bleach so far and my hair is still orange. Each process I have had to use two kits to saturate my hair, one is absolutely not enough unless you have short hair. You may need 3 or 4 if your hair is even longer. It gets costly, but it's still cheaper than a salon and WAY easier to use than quick blue. Each process I kept it on a bit over an hour. I anticipate at least one more process to get light enough to put toner on. So far my hair hasn't broken off (fingers crossed). Oh, and this stuff tends to drip. So wear something you don't care about getting bleach on and keep tissues handy.

  • Buys Too Much - You can a better user interface and the same level of education for ...

    Meh. You can a better user interface and the same level of education for free from Duolino. This isn't worth the money.

  • Ruth A. Roybal - Scarred permanantly from using Proactive acne wash

    I believe using Proactive acne treatment gave me a permanent scar. I've used other products on my acne and this is the only one that seemed to make a scar on this pimple that gave me trouble for a long time. I just kept using the cleanser (the one that dyes your towels and washcloths). I guess I should have taken that as a bad sign. This is a really expensive and harsh chemical to use on your skin. I canceled my Proactive and they would not stop sending me the brochures. I even called to cancel the brochures. Finally, I wrote to them regarding the wash and how it left me scarred and they never got back to me. Fortunately, their mail finally stopped. Unfortunately for me, I have a permanent scar. Do yourself a favor and do not get Proactive,. Instead, see a dermatologist. Mine finally prescribed a lotion that worked for me. You can find cheaper alternatives that work, and once you find that, stick with it.

  • Louis - WOW!

    My dishwasher was not completely draining. I took out the old piece and put this and it worked like brand new. Make sure you have the right dishwasher though.

  • B. Jean - Just like two old friends..

    Just finished reading The Magnolia Story, and I highly recommend it. It was as if I was kicking back with 2 old friends listening to their life story. As I do while watching the show, I had to shake my head at the things that come out of Chip's mouth, but their love for each other is obvious, as is their love for the Lord. I wish them nothing but the best.