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  • Kindle Customer - Please read!!! 500-800 spins between bonuses

    this game has the worst payouts out of any casino game I have played. This game has the most expensive credits to purchase. I also have to bet lower in this game than any other to make the credits last. I would have more luck winning the powerball. The few times that I have won in all the years I have played it has cost me a ton of money and didn't last. I am being fair in my opinion. I bet within reason to the balance I have. I also count spins between bonus and 99% of the time I have to spin 500-800 spins and the bonus isn't that good. And it's not giving much in playback wins either. You might have a good hit rarely but by than its cost you dearly. The games are fun and the graphics are great. If the payouts, bonuses and purchases were better it would be my favorite casino game. Unfortunately that's not the case. I hope this saves many the money and disappointment i have faced. Because if you contact the game they will tell you it's a matter of luck yet the other 7 casino games I play have much better coin packages, bonuses and playback. So why is this game so different? There is no monetary payout so the least it could do is entertain us for a while. I have purchased the $99 coin package for anywhere between $750,000-1,000,000 and never hit one bonus most the time. My bet is between $750-$4,500. Which is a low bet for that balance compared to the other games I play. It has taken my purchases within minutes too many times to count. Good luck to everyone.

  • Greg Hunt - Wasn't sure of fit but OK now

    Wasn't sure that it fit properly but kept tightening bolts until snug. Not a clean fit but seems solid. No concern attaching rack with 100 lbs on camping trip.

  • KinGoji - How To Brew Better Beer with Mr Beer

    While the marketing materials and instructions that come with Mr Beer say you can brew beer in as little as 14 days. However...if you want beer that tastes like "meh," go ahead and use that schedule.

  • Tyler - Micro 2

    I purchased the Micro 2. Easy install/OC fit easily in my Alienware mATX case. My 5960x is hitting 4.6 ghz no problem. Easy to use BIOS, what more could you want?