Robin Maynard ā€“ Freelance environmental campaigner - Robin Maynard is a freelance environmental campaigner, communicator and strategist based in Bristol, UK. Specialist in sustainable farming and population issues.

  • About me - Robin Maynard - Iā€™m Robin Maynard ā€“ a tenacious campaigner whose command of comms and strategy has helped boost the influence of some of the UK's best-known green NGOs.
  • My network - Robin Maynard - My network is made up of some of the most skilled and dedicated individuals in the environmental movement, and some very worthy organisations. Here's a list.
  • Services - Robin Maynard - I offer freelance environmental campaign services and nature-focused journalism. My campaign services cover campaign strategy, communications and action.
  • (Save) Our Forests - Robin Maynard - How I teamed up with 38 Degrees, Jonathon Porritt and others on the (Save) Our Forests campaign, which stopped the sell-off of the UK's public woods.

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  • Heather Baker - Best I've ever owned!

    This grinder has everything you could possibly need or want in a grinder. I love the fact that it has different settings for the coarseness. Being able to use just one hand to operate is awesome. It is so much easier to use than traditional grinders. It is really easy to use and is well made. Cleaning is a breeze, too. If you are looking for a great grinder look no further. This one is made to last!

  • Terry or Diane Timmons - This Stuff Works

    This stuff works great. We were close to a total flea infestation until I used Fleabusters. It did take a couple of weeks before it took care of all of them but after that we've spent the whole summer flea free.

  • SteveF3 - Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

    Kinda juvenile, but the program allows for enough editing to make it useful. First order delivered a version not specified for my Windows 10; had to re-order to get the proper version.

  • J. Roberts - We ordered this product last May, when our grandson ...

    We ordered this product last May, when our grandson was 4 months old, so, obviously, we only got about 2 months out of it. We knew that would be the case, but we also knew we would have other grandchildren coming. We stored it and just recently got it out again, since grandchild #2 is on the way. It looks brand new (because it basically is), but it is not working. So the life of this product was, basically, 2 months. Not very long for such an expensive item.

  • Paula Ashley - The timing stinks!

    I ordered this at the same time as Brunner & Suddarth from a different seller and this book took 9 days longer to reach me! It is a much smaller book so I assumed it would arrive first, I was mistaken. The advertisement was dead on it is in great shape but it came AFTER I finished my clinical rotation.I am not sure if I would buy from this seller again unless I had unlimited time to wait.

  • Dweston - Awesome book

    We need more people in the world like Chip and Joanna. Their book was fun to read and also inspiring. They have had tough times, like everyone, but they remain honest and hardworking and always true to themselves, their family, employees and suppliers.

  • Doug - Good camera bag

    To my chagrin, I discovered that most camera bags are not waterproof. After, of course nearly losing my equipment to a beautiful S. Florida late Winter rain. When I looked into purchasing a waterproof camera bag most of them where prohibitively expensive. Then I chanced upon this one. It fits inside my Timbuk2 messenger bag, which is of course waterproof. I bought 2. A medium (which is the largest size) and a small to try in my Chrome bag which is also waterproof(It fits in a small chrome bag perfectly). Unintended bonus: neither bag screams STEAL ME, I'M LOADED WITH EXPENSIVE PHOTO EQUIPMENT!