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  • John Irey - Good learning Program with a few shortcomings

    Great way to learn guitar, but it is more game than lesson. The lessons move you too quickly into advanced techniques. I would recommend Rock Prodigy for lessons and this for playing practice. There tons of songs from simple to complex that will help you improve your skills.

  • Michael Graybill - In ground pool - it worked

    I had a leak in the line to the pump beneath the skimmer. I would lose water as fast as I could could fill the pool. Poured about a third of the bottle using a pipe to funnel directly into the skimmer suction line and waited three days. I removed my screens in the DE filter and turned on the pump. I turned on the pump and no loss of water. Two weeks and I still have not added water to he pool. This stuff works. Before trying this product, I was ready to cut the cement and repair the under ground line. This stuff really worked. Just unbelievable. Try it before you make a radical repair.

  • Omnistalgic - not because the tech is perfect, but simply because the pros outweigh the cons ...

    I have to give this one full stars, not because the tech is perfect, but simply because the pros outweigh the cons in a significant way. I would go over my main gripes, and main reasons to pick it up. Hope it helps.