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  • Stacy - Can't live without it!

    There is nothing else like hope in a jar. I've been using it for years and I can't live without it. My husband also uses it. It is light and pleasant. I am a Philosophy girl through and through, and this one is a winner!

  • liliana Bernal - So far the Kbands have been great! We did have a issue with the velcro ...

    So far the Kbands have been great! We did have a issue with the velcro ripping but customer service was awesome and Kbands sent us one the next day express mail... we Love them

  • Startled - Works, but need reapplication

    I tried Dry Hands to help keep my sweaty palms and feet from slipping during yoga. It works, but needs to be reapplied at least once during my 75 minute classes. A couple minor complaints: it has a strong "alcohol-ish" order which dissipates quickly, and leaves a little white residue on my dark blue mat that wipes off easily.

  • DanK - Major Downgrade

    I have been a paid subscriber to Avast for 3 years, my annual subscription just got me an "upgrade" to Internet Security 2014. My experience for the previous years was perfect - it blocked viruses and malware and at all other times it ran quietly in the background. With version 2014 my web browser has gotten significantly slower, my e-mail has gotten a little slower, and they have added pop-up windows. Lots of pop-up windows. Updated virus definition used to happen in the background, now it causes a pop-up window every day. When there is a new version of Flash Player and you get that annoying pop-up window from Adobe letting you know about that? With Avast 2014 you get the annoying Adobe pop-up, close that and get an Avast pop-up saying the same thing. Don't update for a few hours? Avast has a pop-up for that too. A scaremongering "The condition of your computer is Critical!" When you click that for details it tells you again that Flash Player has an update available. Lots of other pop-ups for other programs too. Then the bloatware pop-ups started, again with the scaremongering that your PC needs help from Avast or else... It offers to make registry changes but does not allow you to see what changes are suggested. It offers to clean up disk space but doesn't let you know what it is deleting. I almost fell off my chair laughing when the unwanted bloatware using up my computer resources that Avast installed without my authorization offered to uninstall unwanted bloatware to free up more resources.

  • Jake - I've never had a problem

    I have bought quite a lot from this app and I've never had a problem with the quality, I think a lot of people have high expectations and when they get something less than expected they complain. I love this app and will continue to buy from it.

  • Sheila H. Susen - the suitcase was dirty from the plane

    I purchased this Scotchgard Fabric Protector to use on a new suitcase with a pale blue fabric covering. After a trip "across the pond", the suitcase was dirty from the plane, trains, and buses that it was stored in during the two-week period. Once home, I washed it and left it in the sun to dry. All the stains didn't come off, but the majority did so that the case was presentable once again.

  • S Jackson - Quality product for people who blend daily!

    Why we purchased this item: We were looking for a quality blender- not a juicer- but a blender. I like to make protein shakes in the morning and my fiance likes to make shakes with veggies in them.