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  • Samuel J Rosenberg - love the look.....but

    These look incredible!!! Really transforms the feel of the interior when you open the driver door. Jeep should make these standard from the factory, IMO. I would give it 5 stars, I'd give it 10 stars if the brake pedal wasn't so darn hard to put on. After wrestling w/ it for a good 45 minutes, I finally got it on there. Well worth the struggle, they look awesome!

  • Amazon Customer - The mac version of FTM is the bastard child at the family reunion.

    I have a large file with 10000 people and 5+ gigs of imagery. The file migration utility will create the appropriate conversion file but the Family Tree Maker for the Mac will not up load the file. Called tech-support and they said to break the file up, I did and am able to load the smaller file, however the program crashes after about ten minutes of work. Tried to just import a ged.com file with no imagery and the program still crashes. Call tech support again and uninstalled the program and reinstalled with both a hard and a soft uninstall. The ged.com still crashes FTM-Mac. The mac version of FTM is the bastard child at the family reunion.

  • HappyMama88 - ASVAB Study Guide

    I purchased this for my son, since he will be taking the ASVAB test this summer. He loaned it to a friend and we have been told it was helpful. The book came in great condition and was worth the price I paid. We did the research before purchasing, just to ensure this would help him with studying, Everywhere we researched, this is the one book that always was listed. If you are looking for a good study guide for the ASVAB test, we would recommend this book. It contains many pages and offers a variety of topic for you to study.

  • A. Perez - Novelty Fun!!!

    This poster calendar is FUN. Each day has one large bubble and you pop your way through the year. Kids will enjoy this, only trouble is getting them to stop at one pop. Each bubble popped thus far has made a good crisp popping sound, not the kind where the air just sort of escapes. Good for self control, delaying gratification and teaching the days of the week. It is the size of a large poster and fits nicely on the back of a standard door. Not an essential item, but a very FUN novelty product. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • L. Fenn-stokes - What a good bad boy!

    Max is an attorney who is trying to save his father's law firm from being destroyed because of his father's addictions, women, gambling, and losing money. His parents have made a contract with Annabel a politician who needs to be married. She is willing to pay for Max. Max spends his last night of freedom in a bar and meets a girl who he can't keep his mind off of. He calls her Kitten. Lola Grace is a virgin but she wants Max. They spend the night together. In the morning he leaves to get married and she goes home. Max and Annabel go to lunch after they get married to meet her daughter. Lola Grace meets her mother for lunch and sees Max with her mother. What happens next? Can Max and Lola Grace stay away from each other? It is a dark romance but it is good. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.