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  • Jennifer - WOW, changed my life....

    I've been suffering from "something" ever since I had mono at the age of 17 (lots of antibiotics and steroids prescribed at that time). I feel like I've tried everything in the book with some success, but I could never quite get to feeling like all the vibrant people around me. I stumbled across Threelac after reading the success stories and figured I had nothing to lose. In 2 or 3 days, after taking Threelac, I was feeling strong and energetic and like I could finally set out to make the life I truly wanted. I've had people remark about how vibrant and full of life I look. I only wanted to feel good, so this was icing on the cake! I had a couple of days of the "killing off" effect but nothing like I've encountered with regular detoxing. I take 1 to 2 doses a day I'm also on a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet (but am hoping that will change in the future!!)

  • Madhatt - Just when you thought I-Ops couldn't get any better!

    This is Immortal Ops as it was always meant to be! Over a decade ago Mandy Roth brought us super sexy alpha shifters fighting the good fight as an elite military group. Despite being military these guys have attitude and humor and quake only in the presence of their feisty mates. This re-release features a lot of new content but still has that sexy humor fans have come to love! If you are already an I-Ops fan the extended version is well worth the read and if you are new to I-Ops or Mandy Roth there is no better place to start becoming a fan!

  • camin - please vote or like this.

    I totally noticed a difference in my endurance after taking these supplements. It is wise to incorporate a healthy alternative in your life to pick up in areas where your diet lacks.

  • W. Johnson - Nice stable board

    Easy to build, great speed, plenty of interfacing. Much improvement in this board over past generations. Intel finally gets it.

  • N. Bolser - If I could find something better I'd be using it instead...

    If I could find something better I'd be using it instead. This is the 3rd year in a row I've installed Webroot. The system overhead requirements are reasonable. The reviews are very good and it is reasonably effective - sometimes too much so. Each year it has been a pain to get installed, nothing seems straight forward or intuitive. But, with some effort and patience it gets done. This year it missed a number of malware installs on my system. I discovered this when the FIrefox toolbar was hijacked. Webroot didn't see any problem with this. Spyhunter (the paid for version) found and removed the hijacker and found several others that it removed. So, now I run a combination of the two. They seem to coexist alright. I had been hoping to continue to use Webroot as a one and only as I had the previous two years. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

  • Onyxplyr - Best Career Advice Book Ever!

    Before buying this book, I was doing seemingly all I could to find a new job, yet nothing was happening. No interviews were being scheduled...not even responses saying that someone more qualified was hired. I felt like I was in the career twilight zone where my efforts were not only futile, but frustrating.