Responsabilità irresponsabile - Responsabilità irresponsabile. Criticità e limiti nelle finalità etiche della Responsabilità Sociale d`Impresa. Fabrizio Ceciliani, Roma, 12-04-2013

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  • DonnaHok - Protecting your heart

    In this awesome book we have several people all trying to protect their hearts. And it just keeps making matters worse. We also have a Fae or two working against everyone. This story is about Dr. Thaddeus Green and Melanie Daly. Everyone thinks Melanie is suffering from withdrawals due to Lances death, but more is working behind the scenes then anyone knows. This is part of the I-OP series and yet still a self-contained story.


    Used one tube to repair seven 13x13 tiles throughout my house (still have half a tube left). This product worked awesome and saved me a lot of work as I didn't have to replace any tiles. Would recommend this to all, if you can follow simple directions it will also work for you. One tip I would add, after drilling the holes in grout I used a scribe to ream out hole under the tile (this ensured glue would flow under the tile).

  • Amazon Customer - I think the cons out weigh the pros. Thank ...

    I think the cons out weigh the pros. Thank you for your honesty. I will not be ordering this product.

  • Amazon Customer - In love with this product

    In love with this product. My hair is so soft and manageable. Great for twist outs and wash and go styles. Smells delicious...does everything it promises.

  • MountainTopMama - Watery, and Does Not Smell Like the Lotion

    Let me preface this by saying how much I love Earth Mama-Angel Baby lotion. I absolutely LOVE that lotion. So I thought I'd try this, expecting the same scent (it's advertised as being the same scent). However, this does NOT smell like the lotion, at all. This smells like licorice. Maybe I got a bad batch? It didn't smell off (as if an ingredient had gone bad); just smelled like licorice. And I am not a fan of licorice, especially when I was expecting a light citrus/vanilla scent, which this does not have.

  • L. Ng - Beware of fake reviews! Not recommended!

    EDIT: When I posted this negative review, I immediately received 3 "unhelpful votes". I believe it is from the sellers in an attempt to bury my negative review. If you indeed found my review helpful, please mark it "helpful" so that this review doesn't get lost.