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  • James Burkes - Faster loading and login - PCI compliant credit card processing

    This is definitely an improvement to 2010, at least because it is back to loading and logging into a company in a normal amount of time - back to how it was before 2010. 2010 was very slow loading and getting into a company. Otherwise, it seems to be just tweaks to 2010. If you can still get support with your current version, and you don't need any of the new features, then I wouldn't upgrade. I had to upgrade because 2010 won't work after June 30, 2010 for credit card processing (pci compliance issue). If you use Peachtree to process credit cards (which I recommend) then you will need to upgrade to 2011. The installation upgrade from 2010 was very easy and worked flawlessly. If you are upgrading from an earlier version than 2010 then it might be a little more difficult and take some getting used to, as it was for me going from 2008 to 2010. There are new shipping/billing contacts, which I don't like. We had separate older shipping and billing and it was a little bit of a pain.

  • Fremar - Love it really works for me.

    This product really seems to be working, the eye teeth were really bad and I can see it is starting to remove a lot of tartar. I did finally remember to take pictures of the before, just to see for myself if it really works..I used petzlife before and for some reason it seemed to stop working so I had to change brands and I am glad I did. I purchased it on Sept 2, 2014 again. I previously bought a 2ounce one at a local store which cost 6.99. So the trial one worked it is why I ordered a 4 ounce bottle this one was only 8.99 and I got a free dental chew with it a nice surprise. I have not brushed her teeth like I should and will start doing so..I put the gel right on the bad eye tooth at night when she is tired and resting Lucy is 9 years old I will not put her under for teeth cleaning, way too dangerous.

  • Justin Jackson - These boots are great. They fit as expected and the comfort is ...

    These boots are great. They fit as expected and the comfort is amazing. The quality seems to be top notch. I have yet to get them wet but I have confidence they will keep me dry. The color was a little darker than expected. The description is Merrill tan but it's more like a brown.

  • T. Altman - Love it!

    I've gotten this conditioner from my hairstylest before. She has me mix it with a few other products as a deep conditioning treatment. I love it mixed and by itself. I love the tingly feeling it makes on your scalp

  • Robin Taylor - Good Quality B12 Supplement!

    This is my favorite B12 supplement. it's the strength I want, and is a very bio available form. I feel so much better when I take this regularly. It is larger than some other brands' tablets I have tried; so I chew it enough to break it into smaller pieces, then work them under my tongue to hold until they dissolve. I've tried other brands, and always end up back with this one. On a day when I really need to be on my game, or when I am simply a bit tired, this, along with Rhodiola, really makes a difference in my day. I take this most days, though, and only add the Rhodiola maybe once or twice a week.

  • M. Head - Comfortable treadmill to run on for casual running

    Great treadmill for casual running (5-10 miles per week). My wife and I both use it, but we don't use the "user" features. I don't like the way the interface handles multiple users, but it's a good interface/panel for all the other treadmill features.

  • Reads Too Much - Best scene: dragons in every color of the rainbow ...

    This is the latest installment in a series of books. While it is a stand alone book, if you miss the previous books, especially the Christmas book, you will miss the world building. The story centers on Jarek, a dragon shifter alien, and Melissa, a human. When a dragon meets his mate, they both have the "Knowing", which is the entire history of their kind is basically downloaded into their brains. It is rather overwhelming for both parties, but it also gives them all the tools they need to handle anything. This book was a little more serious than some of the previous books, but that does not mean it was lacking in any way. It was not. Best scene: dragons in every color of the rainbow landing on the beach and then shaking off their scales to become men. Holy hotness! It was a great book and I can't wait to read the next installment.