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HOME | RCSS Anti-Narcotic Division - RCSS Anti-Narcotic is an Anti-Narcotic Task Force which have been formed by Restoration Council of the Shan State and led by its Anti-Narcotic Committee to combat on "drugs in different forms".

  • http://rcssanc.org/weblinks Web Links! - RCSS Anti-Narcotic Division | RCSS Anti-Narcotic Division - The RCSS Anti-Narcotic Division includes both the Anti-Narcotic Committee and Anti-Narcotic Task Force (ANTF) and has been established by the RCSS in order to combat various types of narcotic drugs in Shan State.
  • http://rcssanc.org/drugeradicationplan Drug Eradication Plan - RCSS Anti-Narcotic Division | Drug Eradication Plan - Objectives Narcotic Drugs have been destroying our new generations in different ways. This not only weakens the country but also create various kinds of problem which is very dangerous for the
  • http://rcssanc.org/drugeradicationplan/rcsspolicyonnarcoticdrugs RCSS policy on Narcotic Drugs - RCSS Anti-Narcotic Division | RCSS policy on Narcotic Drugs - Anti-Narcotic Drugs, the 5th point of the RCSS’ 6 point policy during wartime. To cooperate with President U Thein Sein government in eradicating narcotic drugs, the 4th point of the 6 point policy

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  • rfgenerator - Using this is like entering your car in a game of Russian Roulette.

    Have a Nissan 2002 Sentra that had started losing coolant as well as occasionally tripping the "Service Engine Soon" light and then getting a code of problems with the 3rd cylinder misfiring briefly at startup (but no overheating issue). Swapped out spark plugs but no luck issue persisted. These cars are very prone apparently to developing a small hole in the headgasket. Didn't want to pay for a headgasket job but wanted to hang onto the car for a bit longer. Thought this product might do the trick. Used as directed. Took it out for a short test drive (5 minutes) after performing the procedure and all seemed well. The car sat in the driveway overnight and the next morning took it out for another ride, at about 6 minutes into the ride the dash thermostat meter started climbing up steadily. Pulled over let it cool, then limped it back home. Too much of a coincidence that this happened the day after I used this stuff. I'm going to have a mechanic look at it but my guess is the product either trashed the radiator or the fuel pump or both. Not happy. Using this stuff is definitely playing Russian Roulette with your car.

  • Jade Allen - We love just dance but why is it so expensive to ...

    We love just dance but why is it so expensive to get more songs, I bought a 60 dollar game I shouldn't have to pay more for songs on the disc.

  • sean southey - A disappointing book filled with personal opinions

    There are a couple of good chapters that do give some good insight into how algorithms can have a negative impact on our lives. Although, the book is riddled with personal opinions instead of actual facts. The author also acts like she knows better than the actual experts in the relative fields she is deeming to be wrong, e.g., police departments and judges. It is very easy to point out that things are wrong, but what if it's the best option? It seems like she is trying to force negative aspects of big data to fit her personal agenda.

  • Michael J. Oelrich - Information that we all need to wrap our head around

    I found this book very helpful in developing a framework of understanding of our Social Security system. It may not have been as critical as it could have been to really achieve a balanced assessment of the system, but it contained interesting comparisons between Social Security and other types of life insurance. It would have been even more interesting if the comparison was expanded to look at other types of retirement systems that are not insurance based.

  • Amazon Customer - I'd buy again, but hopefully won't need to!

    I bought this for my wife's black 2010 Wrangler. Took me all of maybe 20 minutes to install. Instructions were easy to follow, only issue I had was the turn signal support brackets weren't listed on the instructions, but was pretty much self explanatory, along with that, the supplied support brackets did not have the snap clip like the stock grill signal brackets but didn't seem to be an issue.

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