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  • dwatchorn - Purchased to replace hubcap that was broken

    purchased to replace hubcap. We received 4 hubcaps and only using one, but great to know we have for the future. The center of the hubcap is plain, where you would normally see the toyota emblem on it. You can't tell on the van, but you need to know that!

  • Dorothy - Great cord

    This works great for charging my iPhone and my i Pad. Plus I can take it with me when I travel.The extra long charge cable is a wonderful addition.

  • ChadJamesR - Great camping lantern

    Used these on a campout this last weekend and they worked great. They are very bright and between the two of them lit up the campsite very well. My only complaint would be that I feel these could use a dimmer function. They are almost too bright to use in a tent at night. If they had a half power setting, I think they would be even better.

  • Jbeegoode - The skeptic finds out that this discovery is that important

    It is true, it just may be that important. The information, anecdotal and scientific in this book is convincing, but I was still skeptical when I tried it. The resulting difference was apparent in the first morning. The next morning took me by surprise, when I returned from the kitchen and realized that I didn't have my usual pain. Within two weeks my sciatica pain was all but gone. When one buys a product, they include a copy of the book. I've been giving them to my friends to read and gave one to my doctor, who was curious about the changes in my body.

  • Zac N. - No Complaints

    I needed a new wrench set. The one I had was from my grandpa after he passed away and it was basically a collection of several different sets that were completely disorganized. I like this set and the bag the come in to keep them all together and in order. I'm not a heavy user so I can't speak for how well they hold up under heavy stress, but they do the job for me and were a pretty good price I thought.

  • Kitty - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. I have a full head of hair but I was having trouble getting it to grow. That is why I began taking hair envy. Since I started taking it two weeks ago my hair has grown three inches. It is amazing. I did not believe it was going to work cause I have tried everything but it worked. I want to have hair down my back and I know that if I keep taking hair envy I will get what I want. I received this product in order to review it.