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  • Walter GrumpyOldGuy Sabian - Best On The Market, Even If It Is "Hecho In China"

    I've had crock pots for decades, even when they were called dutch ovens or whatever. There are many knock-offs and wannabes out there, but the best ones--and safest!--are by Crock Pot. My last one was a smaller version with only one knob and three settings: OFF, MEDIUM, HIGH. It was okay for slow-cooking meals whose temperature could be HOT AS HECK all day, so I didn't mind too much.

  • Kindle Customer - Mr. Trimmer avoids relevancy

    Mr. biggest complaint with Mr.Trimmer's work is his lack of relevancy. While his previous books, "How to Avoid a Stegosaurus", "How to Avoid Howard Hughes", and "How to Avoid Damn Big Powdered Wigs", were well-written, he has struggled with tackling subject matter relevant to today's generations. "How to Avoid Huge Ships" does address a subject that does affects some people currently, but I view it as a very timid, tentative step towards tackling more controversial and relevant subjects. Mr. Trimmer, where are "How to Avoid a Kardashian", "How to Avoid Twerking", and "How to Avoid Windows Vista"? The world needs those books now!

  • Amazon Customer - The Best Baby Product

    LOVE THIS!! kept my baby from having to go to the ER and get a deep suction when he was sick. Moms are intimidated by this for some reason. Try on yourself first if you have reservations. What that hospital has is way more suction. It gets harder as your baby gets older cause they want to play with it but I'd rather suck him out for 30 seconds versus 10 mins with the alternative. I would turn off your vacuum every 30 to 40 seconds because it could ruin your engine. It's sucking from a really small hole and your vacuum could over heat. I bought a cheap little vac to go with this that I use that's hand held called BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

  • Bubbag - Devil's Tower

    I really enjoy Walt Longmire, Henry, Vic, and Dog. The humor and stories make it a treat to read. The stories are unique and move at Walt's pace.

  • Richard Herniman - the lost fleet

    I have had the pleasure of reading all 5book in the lost fleet collection and i am very hopeful the series will continue. My only comment is that i cannot put my reader down once i start. it is addictive

  • Amazon Customer - ❤❤💓💓💕💓❤

    What can I say I love your writing I love all your books I want to purchase more and more and more the more you write the more purchase

  • Steven L - Awesome Hair Putty at an Awesome Price

    Old Spice stuck to their traditional red, black, and gold packaging, which looks classy and luxurious.The result is a naturally-feeling, light hold, texturizing look that is great for guys who want this. The shine levels (matte vs. shiny) are noticeably different, so at least this makes sense, but for the most part if you use the Old Spice hair styling products you’re going to get a natural-feeling light hold–regardless of what you use.