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  • myang - It works wonder.

    I have been using this for about 5 months. I had to reorder because I does work for me. I use it a couple of days in a row then stop for a few and repeat. I feel that this helps me eliminate all of my waste and all of the unhealthy food that I take in, especially after a big meal. This does trim my waistline a bit but considering I hardly ever exercise or diet, I am extremely please with the result. I drink lots of water (no soda) and usually in a few hours or so, I have to go but it's not a painful, emergency feeling. No smell or taste. I think I'm stuck with this for life.

  • Tarot P. Atkinson - Not enough delivery options

    I bought this stuff to power my Delorian on a trip back to 1955. All went well until I got there. At first I was shocked it had all been used up on one trip but then I thought, "my bad, it was -50 years I was travelling, I'll just order some more". I was horrified to discover that they would not deliver to 1955. When I rang the phone number for the company there seemed to be a Chinese Laundry at the other end and they said they had never heard of Amazon and had no Uranium ore. I hate to think what might have happened if I hadn't known that there would be a lightning strike that would provide the 1.21 gigawatts I needed to get home.

  • alex hodgkinson - Worthless

    Horrible, broke after the 3rd use. I'm all of 160 lbs and upon sitting on this thing for the 3rd time a screw popped off the left armrest and I nearly fell to the ground. Don't buy not worth the money.

  • Jerry Merz - AMAZON...the only way to go

    I have been doing tax cut for years. I must say that some of those years were VERY frustrating to get a decent download of the program. I definitely would have quit them, but there was too much information that I needed to carry forward in to the next year. Amazon resolved all of that. The download was easy to understand, worked great and cost a bit less. From my experience....THE ONLY WAY TO GO

  • erik - works awesome!

    a very easy and secure fit! would definitely recommend this product. We love our walks/runs with our BOB stroller and so do the kids!