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  • Amazon Customer - Great Bluetooth/alarm/FM/charger! EDIT: BROKEN

    I'm very happy to have found this. The speaker sounds great. It paired instantly with my S6 (as soon as I plugged in the radio, the Bluetooth pairing light began blinking.) I love the portable charger. I was recently looking to get one and they were expensive. I also wanted another Bluetooth FM radio. Voila! I have another iHome alarm/radio. What I really like about that one and this new one, is the dimmer on the clock face. You can make it completely dark. Also, the colume goes down really low. I like to wake up to a barely audible radio ( as opposed to a loud volume). Many radio alarms I have tried do not go down low enough and do not dim completely. I also like the slim, small profile of this radio. My only concern is the "touch" buttons when fumbling around in the dark while trying to set the alarm or turn it off. I'm pretty kinesthetic when it comes to setting my alarm in the dark! But overall, this is a great piece for me.

  • B. R. Smith - Gave it away...then it was returned...

    This is a good case, but very difficult to get on or off. I suspect it would cause more damage had it been installed and reinstalled, since I like to change my cases on a regular cycle. I gave it away after my initial impression and after a few days, it was given back.

  • chrismp1000 - Product is ok. Not really too impressed. The ...

    Product is ok. Not really too impressed. The charge port wouldn't let me plug into it because the outside cover was cut wrong so I had to almost bend and force the usb plug in. For what it's worth it works.

  • Dominique D'Angelo - Got this sent to me and love it! Hair has already started growing and it's ...

    Got this sent to me and love it! Hair has already started growing and it's been only two weeks! Highly recommended!

  • azbroker - Great Everyday Moisturizer

    I've been using this product for about a month. I was put off by the smell at first (kind of lemony) as I was not expecting that. It is a great all purpose facial moisturizer. I have dry skin and it leaves my face smooth and soft, not greasy like some of them do. Also, a little goes a long way, so a good value.

  • Larry Beach - How I get 4000 hrs PLUS out of my Generator motors.

    This is my second one I have owned the first one is still going strong after running well over 4000 hours! It is used at a remote camp site where there is no Electricity or water, I spend about every other Weekend and some full weeks up here on the last expanse of the natural un-channeled Missouri River. You ask how HOW when the manual rates them at 2000 hours? Common sense, Maintenance, using good fuel, Using Synthetic motor oil and not waiting forever to change it. Remember that is only 20 ounces of oil in there! it isn't like a big truck motor holding 5 quarts nearly 10X that much. Here are some of my tricks and Tips. I keep a log Book of how long the Generator has run! you CANNOT GUESS for Maintenance!

  • AmazonBuyer - Error Code LS1

    I bought this over cheaper treadmills thinking I would be getting a higher quality machine. This thing is big, and even folded up it takes up a significant amount of space, but that's okay because it is very solid. I used it once before going on vacation. When I returned and went to power it up I got the dreaded LS1 error code and it never worked again. I tried repositioning the sensor and running it through the checks that the manual suggests. Nothing worked. Luckily Amazon customer service is awesome so I just returned this hunk of junk instead of trying to go through the process of getting replacement parts from the manufacturer and repairing it myself.