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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.0214 California, United States

  • billy goat - Just terrible...

    I am incredibly disappointed with this product. It was clear to me from reviews and instructions that prepping the surface correctly was essential to its success. I spent 2 days power washing, scraping, and sanding the surface of my deck to ensure there was clean adhesion. I applied two thick coats as instructed but I noticed chips and cracks within days. Two weeks after Applying 2 coats, large strips of the paint began lifting. It's also incredibly sensitive to chipping. I returned to The paint store and chatted with the paint salesman (a different one that I purchased the product from). He indicated that they received a large number of complaints from folks whose paint didn't last the brutal winter.

  • Jennifer - Perfect for my Boxer

    Bought this for my Boxer. Very roomy for him. Easy to put together and nice looking. Only concern is where the roof connects at the peak leaves a small gap. Will need to put some flex seal or something there to prevent the rain from dripping inside. Other than that, really like it.

  • Leo Chumaceiro - I love it

    best map out there, good support, no to hard to use, uptoday data base, easy to use, can be used online or off line

  • IShopOnlineOnly! - Stubby Antenna

    Excellent product. 30 second installation. Used to replace ugly stock antenna on 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan. Looks much nicer than stock. Great radio reception. Very fast delivery.

  • J. S. - Still better than a blade grinder, but it has problems for coarse grinds.

    To start-- let's put this in perspective. If you want an automatic ceramic burr grinder that does a good job, you have to spend over $100. Honestly, this grinder does a mediocre job. But for the price, it's good enough for me.

  • Nichelle K. - Works Perfectly

    I tested this prior to using it as instructed by the seller and it went off with no issue. I took it to the beach yesterday and it worked perfectly. I was very hesitant at first having it in the water with me, but I had 0 issues. I helped my son learned to boogie board and there were many times the entire case was submerged in water. I also had a couple of dollars in the case with my phone so I could immediately see if there was water seeping into it... I am happy to report NOT ONE DROP of water was in the case