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  • Lando - More Consistent Sleep

    Was pretty skeptical about this (and still am). However, I will say that after a month of using this my sleep got more consistent. I used to wake up at toss and turn a lot until I got this thing. It wasn't like a magic pill to where you fall asleep right away and wake up feeling like superman. I did however feel better when I woke up and stayed asleep longer. I chalked it up to maybe it being the placebo effect, but feel that after a month it seemed pretty legit. I did perform a test and stopped using it for 2 weeks after the first month and found that I tossed and turned more. My sleep dramatically improved when I started taking magnesium before bed and sleeping on this.

  • Sherrie H. - Installs very easily and installs as a new version

    Installs very easily and installs as a new version; so if you have an older version, it will still be there to use (or delete). It is easy to use, especially if you had a previous version. Good cards and verses. The weakest link in this program is its graphics. Compared to other card programs, Hallmark's graphics are ok. Some graphics remind you of the 50s pictures. But there are a lot of graphics that can be used. I have been using the program for many years and am satisfied with the results.

  • Chris K from CT USA - Buy THIS version of These Dreams!

    My digital audio editing software and repeat listenings have confirmed that this version of Heart's These Dreams is unremastered and therefore most faithful to how it sounded when released three decades ago.

  • J. B. Tait - Clearing up a misconception: The Mold is Dead.

    I was tempted to make this a one star review for a 5 star product so it would show in the One Star category where there are complaints based on a misconception. This product is wonderful for killing mold down to the roots, but you might not see the results immediately. You may not realize how well it worked until you've waited to see that the mold didn't come back, as it often does with bleach, Lysol, and other products. The mold is dead even if the stain does not go away. Any stain that remains is the dead bodies of the mold. On smooth surfaces, scrub the stain away. On porous surfaces, after a day or so to let the Concrobium finish killing it, you can bleach the stain with a product such as Clorox or Tilex.


    This was a horrible product. I bought this as a recommendation from the sales associate at Erewhon in Los Angeles who said it really works. I have regular bowel movements usually twice a day & this product actually reduced them & there wasn't much elimination. I called the 800 number & spoke with Patti on the last day of the cleanse to see if they offered some type of money back guarantee & she said no. I told her it didn't work "AT ALL" & I followed all of the instructions & all she could say is everyone is different so the results vary. I've done plenty of detox's & cleanses before that worked so I'm not new to this. Either the positive reviews are bogus or people who had results must have never ever done a detox or cleanse before so therefore have a lot to eliminate. Regardless, it was a waste of my $30.

  • abcvvc - Works but requires work...

    I ordered this product to remove minor scratches from my 2011 Honda Pilot (Black) and smooth out paint touch-ups. For that purpose it works as described but takes some effort to work. I had some hairline scratches on the body of my car that I wanted to get rid of but didn't want to use touch-up paint on as it would not look good. So hoping I could blend in or get rid of the scratches with this product after reading the reviews, I ordered this. For $15, I really couldn't loose. I received it quickly and tried it right away. I skipped the applying touch-up paint on the scratches because these were hairline. Just used part 1 first and rubbed for 2-5 minutes with lots of force and noticed the scratches fade away. It did take me applying the solution a second time though (maybe I had used too little). But it worked. The second part really brought back the shine and made it good as new and like before. I was happy and satisfied.