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  • N. Trachta - Good if you want to see what multiple islands have to offer.

    I received my copy of Lonely Planet Hawaii and have to admit that I was disappointed; I'd searched for a travel guide for Hawaii and Big Island saw this one as part of the listing. Getting it I was excited until I opened it up and realized that it covered all the islands, the Big Island was only one small section, augh! Ok, not what I was totally looking for but it's what I got. The print is small with limited pictures further detracting from it. That said there is a fair amount of information on the Big Island and it will help with identifying places to go and things to see while visiting there, just not what I really wanted.

  • dottie - Best American Short Stories

    I was disappointed in the overall selections for Best American Short Stories. The variety offered seemed to be all of the same genre with predictable endings. Although the authors were superb writers, the subject of the short stories lacked reader appeal overall. Why not include a few medical mystery or crime related dramas or, imagine this, an old fashioned love story where the couple got married and managed to live in a committed relationship? Please, editors provide a mixture which allows all audiences to pick and choose.

  • Bruce - Another Gimmick

    I laugh at these exercise gimmicks. Ooo...this was on Shark Tank, so it must be good! Remember the ThighMaster, Shake Weight, Ab Lounge? It's just another flimsy piece of plastic for your collection. Physically, mentally, spiritually...walking is the best exercise.

  • Ian Flintham - Seems to have worked

    I never purchase software that says will improve your pc etc,but since my laptop started causing me problems,I decided to purchase this program as I saw the advert on tv a few times.After running the program for the first time(it took a few hours)I must say it has improved my pc quite a bit.I,m very impressed with this product,and wouldn,t hesitate in recommending it to anyone.

  • April R Symes - On the Radar full of Passion-great PNR read

    This was a good addition in the Immortal Ops series. This is book 3 and I found it is just as fresh and addictive as the previous books. The characters have this zing about them and the storyline was entertaining and kept me glued til the very end.