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  • Ken Laesser - Really Sucks

    Very light and easy to handle. Like the way it comes apart and turns into a canister vac. Very high suction, sometimes too much but it does have a suck adjustment. A little bit tipsy at times when using as an upright. After using a hoover for many years I am much happier with this one.

  • benna - A Great Skin Care Routine From My Dermatologist!

    This is THE one my dermatologist recommended! Aveeno POSITIVELY RADIANT ONLY! So, that's what I got!! He said wash with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser, use this Clinical Strength Vitamin C Serum 20% second, then the Aveeno Postively Radiant, then if going outside for more than 30 min., a SPF 30 sunscreen. He said he likes Neutrogena products because they work well and are reasonably priced. I have been using this regime for about 2 weeks now since ordering all from as he recommended because of price (I would have anyway, they are my preferred place to shop). I have seen the blackheads almost all disappear, no kidding! I am amazed! I am very happy, nothing in all my years of trying many products in all price ranges have done this! This is my new 3some! I am passing this along to everybody! I am 63, I've always had oily skin, not as much since I've gotten older, but still around my nose. I don't think this is something he just tells some, he has preprinted papers I think he gives to those who ask. He had the paper carton the Coui vitamin C serum come in to show you what to get along with the printed paper, one for the Aveeno also. It has to be POSITIVELY RADIANT though he said! I am thinking I am finally on the right track. He said the wrinkles and the dark age spots would take a little longer, but to be patient and I can do that! So, I am passing this on to all those who care to try it out.

  • Rev. Kenny - worth every penny!

    This app keeps me on track. It helps keep me focused. Stop complaining about the ads and pay for it. If you are the digital Muslim, you need this.

  • Kasey DeMarco - Not worth the $$$

    You'd think that for a wand that costs over a hundred smackers that it would have all the bells and whistles. The temperature is 410 with no other options. You don't need temperatures any where near that hot to curl most hair types so variable heat should have been included on this wand. It should also have a ready light indicator. It curls nicely, but I'd imagine any product with the same shape could do so.

  • Barbara Cheney - Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue 2oz .

    I used this glue to fasten together some collection items and broken articles. It seems to hold very well; nothing has come loose yet. What was nice about the bottle was that the lid snapped off and you did not have to cut or snip anything. You can then snap the lid back on and it keeps the glue viable. (Unlike some glue that once you open the container, the rest becomes useless unless used right away.)

  • Amazon Customer - Questionable business practices and mediocre product

    Having ordered the "free" trial I tried the cream and found it no better than using an inexpensive lotion. More concerning was the fact that when I did not return the product soon enough I was charged $189 for the trial tube. Save your money, save the hassle - don't do business with this company.

  • Bob T - Works as advertised

    I was pleased with how well this worked. I followed the directions. My head lights were very cloudy and this cleaned it right up. It's a little work, but the results were worth it. After I finished my car, there was enough left to do my daughters care. Now a year later, both car headlights are still clear.