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  • James Mendoza - This thing worked like a charm

    I bought this ROYSC Ultra-thin 2.4GHz Wireless Rechargeable... mouse because I wanted to use with my Android Tv Box. This thing worked like a charm. I love this mouse. It comes with a wifi dongle that you can store in the mouse itself for when you travel or so you won’t lose it. It connects through USB and there is no firmware needed. It is just plug n play. The mouse is ultra-lightweight, stylish and very responsive. I also like the fact that you don’t need to keep replacing the batteries when it dies because it has a lithium ion battery built in for easy recharging. If this thing ever breaks down, I’m not worried because it is so inexpensive. It also works great on my computer.

  • Michael - Change the name from Sodastream to Simple Soda

    Such a simple product. WIth an ease of use. All you do is you put the cartridge in the back, screw on the bottle, push the top 3 times, and you got seltzer water. Add any of the flavor packets, and bingo bango boom, you got fresh homemade soda.

  • Sema Uyar - Causes Acne!

    I have been taking these 3 times a day as instructed in the box. I have also been dealing with a huge Acne problem on my face for the last 10 days, which was a surprise as I've never had Acne like this before. It turned out that Biotin causes Acne in some individuals. Look it up on Google. I'm giving it 2 stars because I've seen a slight improvement on my nails.

  • Larry Berneking - Stubby Did IT!

    My son and daughter in law bought a new house and soon found out her Chevy Equinox's antenna would drag along the garage door when she pulled into the garage. Thanks to the "Stubby" antenna no more problem and the radio reception was great. The installation was easy and took less than 5 minutes.

  • bwhit10 - Great looks. Great fit.

    These cleats are just what I wanted. I didnt want to look like s die hard cyclist but have the benefits of riding with cleats. Called Nashbar up verify they would fit with certain Spd pedals at 8:30 pm central time and were very helpful.

  • Amazon Customer - Dangerous in cold climates.

    I live in Colorado. I didn't realize this used a battery, and they system would turn the fan on and off to recharge the battery. The problem is that it prioritized recharging the battery over heating your home. It decided to do this a 7PM, and outside it was -5. After two hours it my house was 65 degrees. Around 9PM, I figured out that the fan was going of and on, but there was no heat. At 10PM the house was 63 degrees, and still the fan was going off and on, then I finally read about the Next recharging it's battery, and thought it would stop. At 11PM our house dropped to 61 degrees. I pulled off the unit and saw that I could connect it to a computer via a USB cable and thought I could charge it like a phone. At midnight I realized it wouldn't and the temperature kept dropping. I pulled the unit off the wall and hardwired it so that we wouldn't wake up to freezing temperatures.