Prednisone Support and Awareness - A support group for all people dealing with the severe struggles of being on the nasty drug, Prednisone.

  • Prednisone Support and Awareness - I am now down to 2.5mg daily - I am now down to 2.5mg daily I am so close to being off of Prednisone again and I am so terrified. If I come off it and everything goes to hell again there’ll I’ll be, back up to 50mg. It’s truly...
  • Prednisone Support and Awareness - 10 Things I hate about Prednisone - 10 Things I hate about Prednisone “I hate the way you taste And the way you make me feel. I hate the acne you cause And the fact that I can’t kneel. I hate this ugly “moon face” And my new round belly...
  • Prednisone Support and Awareness - chroniccurve said: I'd just like you to know that I posted your blog link on Chronic Curve's facebook and will be including you in my next Weekly Link Roundup to spread your blog around. I think it's...
  • Prednisone Support and Awareness - Welcome new followers! - Welcome new followers! Hello to you all! I’m so happy to see that some have already found and joined this blog/support group. If you know anyone else struggling with prednisone currently or in the...

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  • Jeremy Ray Davis - Antenna looks great!! Just as described

    Antenna looks great!! Just as described. Did give up some signal strength by going to a smaller antenna but this only effective the smaller radio stations. This is to be expected. Major stations still get clear signal.

  • T. Nine - Great work out suppliment for middle aged men

    I am in my late fifties and cycle this with Animal Test. A bit pricey, but gave me results. Have reached better measurements and heavier weight reps than I had in my thirties or forties--when I wasn't using anabolics. My only caution would be to keep an eye on your joints and don't overdue sets and workouts if you are getting up there in age. Also, as with all supplements (and as Animal recommends) make sure you drink a LOT of water to keep your kidneys and liver flushed.

  • Nobu Itolf - I'm so happy with the purchase

    I'm so happy with the purchase. As soon as I started using this serum I noticed that the skin around my eyes looked far less less less tired. Another thing I like about this serum is its fragrance. It’s light and attractive. I’m going to use the serum and hope to see other beneficial effects of the product. Love them :)

  • Adam Traver - Most fun you'll ever have driving a car.

    Best car ever! Yeah there's quirks, but it's a wrangler.... 4x4 convertible. Buy from Scaefer & Bierlein in Frankenmuth MI. Ask for Adam for the Amazon deal!