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  • Laura Jordan - This works if you want energy and appetite suppression

    I just went back on this today (used to use a lot in 2013/14, then I was pregnant, then breastfeeding so couldn't even have Red Bull), and I forgot how much this works in terms of tweaking you out, which I like. Yes, about the address comment, it's like that at first. I know after a few days though it won't be the same, but the first three days this kills appetite and makes it almost impossible to stay still. One a day is plenty, and do drink the water as said.

  • KeepingFaith - Always use McAfee

    I have always used McAfee on all my pcs' and always will.......though this last version would not intall on my Toshiba, so I went to their website and had to call them, and they installed it.........otehrwise, I always purchase the newest version eack year, ( you can nevere be too cautious) and each site shows that it is approved and safe, I like that feature!

  • easye - water on this is a disaster

    water on this product is a disaster, any sweating or rain water will result in the particles sticking together, then it looks like you have black blotches on your head. Terrible.