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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Happycamper - Secure Anywhere Complete

    I used to have another service, but recently tried to re-subscribe and it wouldn't accept my bank card. I found out the reason was that the company was located in Cyprus. I want to support a service in this country. I went on a search and found Webroot. Within minutes I was accepted and downloaded and secure. I am so pleased with this service. I have checked several times and everything is runnning smoothly!

  • Audrey - Increased hair shedding

    Invati initially received a lot of glowing reviews around the web, so thought I'd give the whole system a try after speaking with an associate at a local salon. My hair was rebounding from a health situation, and I was told that this would help create a perfect environment for my hair regrowth. I stuck with it for about 6 weeks (following directions to the letter) regardless of the fact that my hair shed increased. I reasoned that my hair was "adjusting" to the whole system. After a very obvious thinning spot occurred, I stop using the product. Thankfully my hair and scalp are recovering, and in most places growing back.

  • Exchronos - Watch Extended Edition Only

    First off, I'm a guy and the 1984 Ghostbusters film is my favorite movie. I did not like the trailers for this new movie at all.

  • Paula DeBoer - Great book dealing with hurt and love

    Lara at a concert with friends eyeing Kaz but knows there just friends but her gut is saying hmm I wonder but she has a man so it passes. Mark is major baseball player and Lara is noticing him changing and her feelings for him just aren't there anymore. Lara is a house decorator and ends up helping Kaz and there feelings start to come out. Has Lara finally found her dream man in Kaz? Will Lara be able to break up with Mark? Will Kaz be able to open up to Lara about his past? Drama, romance in this book never assume people are fine until you truly see it with your own eyes. I loved this book felt real and the obstacles they take. 5/5 stars ****Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Read provided for a voluntarily Advanced Reader Copy of this book ****

  • Terry Giannaris - Microsoft Office Pro 2010 Product Key Card

    As with other Microsoft products, it is necessary to keep the key cards. The best is being to download the product from the web site, and the key can always be retrieved from there if needed.

  • M. Rector - Good product

    Bought 2 of these last month. They work great and look good.The burn time gets better after a break in period, maybe 2, 6 hour burns. I filled the filling despenser 1/4 the way past the middle line and got an 8 hour burn time, fill them to the top line and they will last close to 12 hrs. If you take them out of your pocket and hold them in your hand they loose heat. I think they need the insulation from your clothing and body heat to stay hot. I put one in my front shirt pocket and I feel the the warmth in my chest then the warmer blood circulates and spreads the heat through out my body. I'm happy with my purchase.

  • ColoradoDreaming - Great mattress with a few tweaks...

    I purchased my Casper through their website directly. After sleeping on it for 6 weeks or so I felt I had had enough time to go through the 'adjustment' phase but was still experiencing a lot of tossing and turning. (Along with my dog, who couldn't seem to sleep through the night either.) In addition I would wake up some numbness in my arms and hands several times a night, I think due to the firmness of the mattress. I called Casper and they suggested the pillow topper for a softer feel. They sent this to me for the cost of shipping and offered to extend the trial period by one month as well. The difference with the topper is night and day for me. I also felt that I was sleeping 'hot' but after reading some other reviews, tried removing the mattress pad and haven't had any further problems. (Some mattress pads block any breathability and contribute, at least in my case, to being way to warm.) The mattress with the topper is unbelievably comfortable and sleeps somewhat closer to a coil spring mattress if that's the feel you're looking for. The customer service is incredible as well as the price.