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  • Tiger Lily - Great for calming acne-prone skin

    I use this mask maybe several times a month, when my skin starts giving me trouble. It seems to calm my skin down, and bring it back to a neutral space. I have acne-prone skin that tends to be really dry, or really oily, depending on my hormones. Seriously, my skin is unpredictable. But when it does change on me, I always use this mask to calm down my skin. It's a nice smooth texture, and glides onto your skin so smoothly. I recommend this product!

  • da Yooper - ... few times but it seems to be doing a good job and grinds a larger quantity than the hand ...

    We've only used it a few times but it seems to be doing a good job and grinds a larger quantity than the hand held type along with being easier for arthritic hands.

  • dustin gray - I wish e-books read like regular books

    I wish e-books read like regular books. Not sure why page numbers don't exist. Even during overlaps page numbers could be listed in the middle of a page so we know how to reference where we are

  • captainfluffybear - Awesome wallet phone case

    Awesome wallet phone case. It holds multiple cards while storing it safely. I was afraid that the magnet would let loose and my cards would fall out. But that never happens. I love this phone case. It's also great to use as a phone stand while watching videos.awesome idea.


    This is a very useful countertop oven. I purchased it to do frozen meats as in the infomercial. For example, I can do a frozen steak in the middle of winter (on my kitchen island) in about 25 minutes. It is tender, juicy and average in appearance. The issue is the lack of charring you would get from an outside grill. However, that charring is not healthy as it contains carcinogens, who needs that!