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  • free bird - Perfect Pillow!

    This pillow is amazing! It is a heavy pillow. Its very comfy and forms around your head and neck. It gives you a perfect support. This is my first memory foam pillow and i can tell you that i am hooked for sure. If your debating weather or not to spend the money or if its worth it i can tell you right now that it is. When you first get in, it comes rolled in a little bag and is pretty flat, but dont worry it fluffs up mine took about 3 hours and was mailed when it was cold and it takes longer if its cold. This is a must buy for sure! Love it!!! I did get this item at a discounted price for my unbiased review.

  • New Orleans gal - Pros and Cons / My Off-label Unexpected Benefit

    I love this product for what it does for my skin. It has, however, totally discolored the neck of many of my expensive white cotton nightgowns. Someone responded that this product is not for use on the neck, but here's why I apply it ( wiping gently nightly with the same single pad) to my face and neck : While no claim is made by the company about its effectiveness in removing, over time, and possibly preventing skin tags on the neck, nor do I maintain that it's suitable for others, it has worked for me for years. I've not had to visit the dermatologist for their removal since I've been using this.

  • Angie Gallegos - Would love this even more if they shipped the right size

    I've been using the Art of Shaving products for quite a while. Nothing really compares to the quality of shave you get when you use these products - at least not shaving products you would buy at a mass merchandiser. However, Angela's Beauty Supply shipped me a 2.5 oz tube instead of the 5 oz jar I purchased. Boooo... now begins the tedious process of return-exchange.

  • Amazon Customer - I love it!

    I love this cream! I take the pills too! The results are perfect because my butt is big and soft. I can't wait until I reach 6 months for my maximum results. My butt juggles beautifully! I will definitely order again. Thank you!

  • Gary - Excellent Knife and Screwdrivers

    Very well designed knife. I don't leave home without it. Saved me many times for the screwdriver use as well as knife.Compact for the use it provides.

  • PDUBSNY - Great and strong non stick foil

    Reynolds area always great, thick and reliable. Can't go wrong with this product for all kinds of baking :o)