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  • Beder b. - Awesome stuff

    I almost didn't buy this based on previous reviews but decided to go with it. My son (11 month old almost one year) was severely constipated for weeks. Like previous reviewer mentioned it didn't show signs of really working until day 3-4 of two doses a day.

  • Ponyo - great for stress

    I love this tea. I was having chest panic attacks from too much stress and I could feel it numbing my chest after finishing a cup. Sometimes I needed two or three cups but it worked. After doing a few other life style changes and including this tea I was back to normal.

  • Richard D. Navarro - Awesome product and delivery time,

    Great product, great price and shipping lime that is frankly, unbelievable. I finally got tired of my Ultra xfinity POS and ordered this yesterday in the afternoon. Great packaging, looks nice and installed in minutes. Software downloaded, check. Fired right up and works perfect. I recieved this in less than 24 hours. Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot! how can they even do that?

  • xulei - terrible beginning.

    I have to give 2 stars for this.This is the reasons.1:The speed of dissolution is too slow.2:My baby boy vomiting milk very much.3:My baby has green s***.4:My baby don't like to drink,he cry when he drink.So i change anther milk powder for him from Germany.Much better than this milk powder.Never buy milk powder from AMC.

  • Chris - Terrible Experience with Kaspersky 2015

    I bought and installed Kaspersky 2015 Anti-Virus. My computer then kept locking up intermittently. But there was no obvious indication initially connecting this to Kaspersky. Some days not at all, some days the computer froze every hour. The CPU chip would go to 100% and stay at that level. The only choice was to reboot and sometimes that fixed the problem. I paid a computer shop to clean and scrub the computer. Turns out that Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 was causing the problem. I wrote Kaspersky Customer service and they wrote back saying this was a known bug and a fix was coming out mid-May. They wrote that to me on May 15th. Yet they advised me to uninstall the product and install their 2014 version. They sent me a link to do this old program install. That did fix the problem, but I spent weeks of aggrevation and money unnecessarily since they never notified me as a registered owner of a KNOWN problem with their software when they were aware of it. They should have notified customers when they became aware of this problem. Now they tell me the fix is not until mid-June. My computer is an HP Laptop running Windows 7 with an Intel medium speed chip. So a standard type system. I will not renew my subscription next year.

  • Todd Becker - Beautiful game. Game play is great

    Beautiful game. Game play is great. The map layouts are great. The heavy artillery mounted in the hillsides of the mountain map are amazing to fire. The guns can be frustrating if not used properly. YOU MUST EXPERIMENT WITH THE BEST USE OF EACH GUN. Fine the best range for each gun and use it for that. Adjust the scope, style and attachments to fine the right fit for you. It makes a big difference. I was 1-16 with a gun then took off the bayonet(slows your aiming ability) and changed the scope from red dot to red T and went 18-4. This game rewards people that use the right tools for the right job.

  • barbbbb - I use it once a day and its wonderful.

    Saved my hair. I was loosing my hair and this stopped it. My hair is now to the middle of my back and thick. I use it once a day and its wonderful.