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  • Legalpoodle - Fine, curly and vainly blonde - it's ok

    I have fine, curly and bleached blonde hair. I was really hoping that Wen would meet the advertised promises, but... well, it just doesn't. I've tried all three of these and it is o.k., but for the cost I will go back to regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair is fine and very curly. I (vainly) bleach it blonde so it is dry too. I gave each of the three samples ample opportunity (used each completely) to live up to the promised results and they are just not there. It does help to use it as a leave-in conditioner, but not as much as I'd hoped. My hair is still frizzy, but it is very soft. The lavendar relaxed my curls somewhat, which is not what I wanted. The "mint" is very strong and could easily double as a sinus unblocker. I used the almond first and thought I could get used to the smell. The others are less pleasant. I may try the fig because I really do like the convience of using one product over several and my hair has never been softer. However,my hopes are not high. Good luck to all who read this. I hope it works better for you if you decide to give it a whirl.

  • Lena Z - Read me

    To be honest, I saw these in store before I decided to look on Amazon. First and foremost, these are ORIGINAL Ray-Ban aviators. This frame compliments just about every face shape. Next, the coloring combination on these glasses is to. die. for. The gradient blue gives it a hippie/boho feel but the gold frame adds a chic touch. Which is perfect for anyone who likes to switch up their style. I wish I purchased the matte gold, but I am satisfied overall. Also, did I forget to mention that these real Ray-Bans are about HALF the price a major department store had them for? Just letting you know. Toodles.

  • Mike - So far so good... Kinda...

    The item has a bad groan in the rear when you set it at a high incline. Annoying, but the unit appears to work well.

  • AliceNoLongerInDallas - His Very Best.

    I love the work of Scott Pratt. I looked forward to this newest venture, as always. And it was definitely worth the wait .... but not for the usual reasons.

  • Randall L Ray - Zija SuperMix - You're probably drinking mostly fluff

    My husband and I purchased the SuperMix from a friend. It was quite expensive but wanted to help her out. I didn't notice any physical benefits from drinking it daily...but I'm not overweight or in particularly bad health. That said, I began to wonder about the ingredients and how much of what vitamins and minerals I was ingesting by drinking SuperMix so I looked online for the values of these nutrients that is in each pack of the SuperMix. I couldn't find that info anywhere. So, I called customer service and asked them where I could find the nutritional values of each pack of SuperMix. They couldn't tell me...just said it's a 'Proprietary Blend so they don't post it'. Question...Am I supposed to just drink this stuff on trust that it's good for me and has good nutrition in each packet? How do I know I'm not just drinking fluff?

  • Pluckman - For What Its Worth

    Received the CD/DVD set in the mail on Friday, haven't watch the DVD yet, but the CDs are fantastic, especially as I saw CSN play Melbourne (Australia) on March 29, and Crosby had lost his voice, but the show went on anyway, and it was still top notch, and the sell out crowd loved it! Yes, we are all getting older, but the music is still great, and that is what we went for and why we buy a set like this. If you like the guys individual stuff, or Crosby/Nash, CSN or CSN&Y, especially their older stuff, just buy it and enjoy!