Parkinson Team Basel - Parkinson Team Basel, Verein zur Förderung der Fortbildung und Forschung auf dem Gebiet der Parkinson-Krankheit

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • Thurman B. Lester - Nice Mag

    Automobile magazine is great if you are planning a purchase in the near future. Their comparison give me a good idea of how the cars test would be to live with. Plus I like to hear the opinion of the different drivers testing the same cars.

  • Thomas Luca - One of my favorite Colognes

    Blue is one of my favorites and definitely my favorite Versace Cologne. The price is steep but I love the fragrance, it's like aroma therapy for me...ha ha ha It's like walking into the Yankee Candle store and Bath and Body Works or a gourmet coffee shop like starbucks.

  • Sharon Semtner - A must read!

    If you are concerned about our future this is a must read. It's a book that has to be digested and read more

  • AJCM - Awesome College Guide

    My 17 year old just loves, loves, this book. The info you get from this book is endless. Strongly recommend

  • Roxy - Questions are not really similar to what's on the Teavs ...

    Questions are not really similar to what's on the Teavs test, Personal opinion; I feel it has too many unrelated practice questions and there are multiple errors in the book.

  • HalfFullJulie - Chart Difficult to Read

    The lights work well, but the chart is very hard to read. It's hard to easily differentiate between those that are yellow & those that are white. We have used two other outlet testers, the Amprobe ST-101B and the tester that came with Earthing's Universal Mat Kit. They are both significantly easier to read.

  • alan f oliver - You will need the book also. He refers to ...

    You will need the book also. He refers to the book often. 3 times 6 hours of listening and follow up in the book Will be ready for a practice test next week.